Due to the great economic growth potential, its infrastructure in international trade and the importance within the industrial development, the Nuevo Laredo request to open the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) was approved.

Jorge Arturo Acevedo Alrid, president of JAGroup, celebrated the decision from the WTCA of receiving the blueprint from Nuevo Laredo, which is elaborated by the company Impulsora de Proyectos e Innovacion Integral SAPI C.V. for the implementation of such facilities in the city.

The project will generate at least 3 thousand jobs in a medium term, with a preliminary investment of more than 300 million pesos.

“Now the request was approved, the company Impulsora de Proyectos e Innovacion Integral SAPI C.V. is in charge of presenting the blueprint for its approval and the second step will be to acquire the WTC license for its settlement.”

The secretary of Economic Development of Nuevo Laredo, Francisco Javier Solis Morales, said that in the project will be considered three options, with the intention of making a commercial complex, cultural and of entertainment, of more than 20 hectares, whose objective is for it to have spaces for conferences and congresses fulfillment, in addition of a commercial area, hotel and corporate and business offices.

“At least one of the approved blueprints will be the base to develop the business model for Nuevo Laredo and make it attractive for the public and private investment, local, national as well as international,” he said.

In August 2017, Carlos Ronderos, Regional Director for Latin America of WTCA, and Marting Salloum, Regional Director for North America of WTCA, visited Nuevo Laredo as a first approach to explore the possibility of settling the offices here and interviewed with a municipal government delegation.

Together with a delegation of businessmen and officials from the Nuevo Laredo and Tamaulipas governments, WTCA representatives knew the facilities of the Nuevo Laredo Cultural Center; they attended the opening of the new Municipal Highs School “Jose Vasconcelos” and held a tour in a Kansas City Southern de Mexico train (KCSM,) from the Sanchez Station to the Palabra Station.

Having WTCA facilities in Nuevo Laredo trade and investment opportunities will be encouraged, since such association serves as an international ecosystem that provides a connections network, which among its new policies is to bring its offices closer to the areas of more capability in international commerce and be involved in the academic development of the countries.

WTCA is the largest nonprofit association in the world in networking and business promotion among countries matters, from there the impact anticipated for Nuevo Laredo, by granting a highest status as city and attract more investment.

Currently, WTCA has offices with a presence in more than 90 countries, supported by more than 15 thousand professionals offering comprehensive resources in a reciprocal manner to solve business needs.