Founded 65 years ago in the State of Florida in the United States; INFASA at the beginning was dedicated to the production of mosquito mesh for windows, then they manufactured vents, product that today is produced by the plant located in Reynosa, Tam.

At the beginning of its operations in Reynosa in 1985, the production was mainly concentrated in components for registers; until barely 18 years ago this production stopped to begin the elaboration of the final product.

INFASA has a workforce integrated by personnel with a wide career in the company.  Regarding plant infrastructure it has completed its capability, by including 125,000 square feet of building and 25,000 square feet more in offices.

Mike Mayers, general manager of the company Metal Industries from INFASA plant, said that at corporate level, the company celebrated its 70th Anniversary in 2017; while the plant in Reynosa celebrated in 2016 its first 30 years of history (nowadays is about to celebrate 33.)

This company is manufacturer specialized in air diffusers for air conditioning and heating systems.

INFASA plant is located at Del Norte Industrial Park, manufactures diffusers, vents, all that part functioning to direct air, either at home, condominiums, buildings, hotels, hospitals, shopping centers and auditoriums.

“After this first 33 years in Reynosa the company already believed in manufacturing, workforce, Mexican employees and this means that the industry and specially the company Metal Industries and its plant INFASA, believes in Mexico, and believes in Mexico’s employees, that is why we are here; for the good workforce and the good employees in this country who have giving us good results,” said Mike Myers.

Although INFASA in Reynosa is not a very big company as giants worldwide, Metal Industries believes in Mexico, believes in Tamaulipas and believes in Reynosa.


Export Places

Mainly and to fulfill with maquila industry laws the production goes outside Mexico, being the United States the country that receives about 98 %; although there are times in which they make works for Asia or Arabia.

“Before the maquila industry had bad fame, they said they arrived and leave and did not invest in the country.  After 33 years I would like to say that is not true, ‘we are not miners who arrive, dig and leave,’ we are seeders; ‘we arrive, invest, and take care of our place,” because we know we are not going anywhere, even our percentages are increasing in Reynosa and in Mexico.  We are happy of being here, we have remained in good and bad times, and INFASA continues to be here because we believe in Reynosa, in Tamaulipas and in Mexico.


How they do it?

The process implies the arriving of the order and we make it exactly as requested, this is then sent to the factory, and when we make a building or store and they ask for pieces of different models and sizes, it is done exactly as requested by the customer.

Everything starts at the department in the factory where orders are received from customers.

Within an interesting tour through the company’s facilities, Mike Myers showed the departments of INFASA plant in Reynosa; one of the departments is where parts are made and products assembled, such as the dampers department which is where the air behind registers and vents they manufacture is regulated.

All products are made in INFASA previous order, therefore they have no stock or inventory area, this way each order is unique and particular, making exactly what is asked by the customer on time and specifications.

The paint department is another area in this company, the system allows the product being cleaned completely in order to be send to a icold tank; this means an energy load is placed on the registry and the paint has the opposite load, through amperes is indicated how much paint is required on each product.  This is a system that has 99.9 % of profits, not registering leaks towards the environment, since the entire paint remains in the product.

Raw material arrives to the warehouse, and then goes into the press department where it is cut according to the required shape and parts are made.  Then it goes into the assembly process and when ready it is taken to the paint department, packaged and sent to customer.

Even though it is a process that at first instance seems simple, requires too much accuracy to have the perfect product according to customer’s specification.


Quality workforce

“We know Reynosa’s workforce is excellent, they have two factories from the division in the United States, and there is a difference in the amount of product sent from the plant in Reynosa, as from here is sent 100 % of what enters Metal Industries, 40 % is sent by INFASA.  Metal Industries really believes in our employees who are from INFASA,” said Myers.