In interview for Mexico Industry the general director of Onilog Group, Guillermo Fernandez de Jauregui, was asked about the importance the maquila and export manufacturing industry has for Mexico, to which he said that he considers that this is the sector that is definitely moving the country’s economy, it is the sector that is allowing having more global competitiveness, and its impacting directly to a great amount of the population, mainly in very specific areas.

“We are in fact the ones keeping the economic movement of our cities and our regions in the center and northern part of the country,” said Fernandez de Jauregui.

He added that some of the characteristics that make Mexico attractive for the arrival of foreign direct investments is without doubt competitiveness, since the production capability; in addition of the Free Trade Agreements currently present, the geographic position, logistics and obviously being in the North American market, is what makes Mexico an important development pole.

Guillermo Fernandez de Jauregui said that this is what is seen precisely with the new trends to reorganize to have more competitiveness where Mexico will obviously be benefited with the arrival of more investments, from Asia as well as from Europe and North America to supply the NAFTA market or what today is USMCA.


Challenges for the manufacturing industry to continue being competitive

One of them is to develop our workforce, every day we increasingly have to do with automation, productivity; we have to develop our people in order to be really able to provide this service, that we can continue being competitive; definitively workforce is not a competitive area anymore, we have to migrate towards higher competitiveness areas, and I believe that is the main subject in which we are getting busy.  Moreover, it is to try having the highest certainty possible.


Particularly in Nuevo Laredo, how is the maquiladora and export manufacturing industry?

Fernandez de Jauregui assured that they are the main economic sector of the city, this due to approximately 40 % of the population directly lives from the industry.

“We are a city with strong, big, consolidate industries that have been in Nuevo Laredo for long time and that continue growing there; what we have to continue doing is seeking how to grow in an ordered manner to continue generating more attractive jobs with better remunerations that allow us having a better life quality.

At this moment it is not just about growing; it is about growing with a direction that we decide to have and we are in that process; trying to make the existing local industry stronger and more competitive every day, and it is about being very selective when developing our people to allow ourselves growing in an orderly and profitable manner.


Sectors encouraging the economy in Nuevo Laredo

The sectors moving Nuevo Laredo are mainly the industry and the logistics and the impact in the local economical revenue is specially from the industry.  Within the industry, the most important sectors are the automotive, medical, home appliances and one that is currently coming up is remanufacturing; this sector allows give life again those products that have already being used in the region, it is a market that is not competition and which provides an opportunity of giving products a new life.

Finally, Guillermo Fernandez added: “We have important processes, in automotive remanufacturing, as well as in electronic remanufacture and that has had growth in local economy.”