In order to establish agreements that encourage the economic growth of all regions, the secretary of Economic Development, Carlos Garcia Gonzalez held meetings with businessmen and members of Business Chambers, to sign a Collaboration Agreement in the cities of Reynosa, Matamoros, Ciudad Victoria, Tampico and Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.

The objective of the Government of the State of Tamaulipas is to joint actions that support the economy and from there that a suitable and permanent communication is kept with productive sectors.  With this is anticipate generating agreements and highlight the settlement to businessmen to implement specific actions in the economic sector, such as the promotion of the advantages the area has for investment and the different points to improve the quality and safety of investors’ capital.

At the meeting in Reynosa was presented to businessmen the different programs of the Ministry, inviting them to take advantage of each one of them and provide more dynamism to their commercial activity.

On the other hand, the settlement and concerns from businessmen were heard by the official, who committed himself to follow closely each one of them, aiming to continue together through the same path seeking for the growth and improvement of the economic quality of the area.

Participants requested the attention on some important subjects such as the support for the renewal of the first frame of Reynosa, as well as support to build a center of development and technologies transfer, seeking to take trainings to the city in the restaurant sector to achieve the distinction H, among others.

Businessmen supported the Invest in Tam project, which is a digital platform seeking to gather in one place all the competitive advantages of each Tamaulipas region, making the landscape more attractive for the investor, generate higher confidence and catapult the investment levels, working together and promoting Tamaulipas.

An agreement were established with participants in Matamoros, who requested higher attention and follow up to the needs of the commercial and foreign trade sector, mainly of this last sector, which has a lot of potential locally due to its geographic location.

In addition, they requested be involved on the commercial missions internationally promoted by the governor Francisco Garcia Cabeza de Vaca for broadcasting the advantages Tamaulipas has for investors.

Garcia Gonzalez received an invitation to gather with directives from a manufacturing company settled in Valle Hermoso, to verify the progress the industrial building, as well as the level of maquila operations from the automotive sector.

In Ciudad Victoria, at the meeting with members of Business Chambers and officials from the Municipalities of the center area of the State, was agreed among other things, to strength the economic sector by locating regional producers to channel them to the Soy Tam program, to make their brands grow and for them to find an important market regionally and nationally.