Luis Aguirre Lang took office as president of the National Index for the period 2018-2019

The elected president for the period 2018-2019 from the National Council of the Maquiladora and Export Manufacturing Industry (Index,) Luis Aguirre Lang announced that one of its next objectives within his work plan is the modernization of the IMMEX program.  The purpose is to support a more investment attraction, mainly thinking in the new world context and in the Fiscal Reform recently approved in the United States.


Aguirre Lang made clear that the IMMEX program has always been successful.  An example of that is that member companies generate more than three million direct jobs in the country; represent 70 % of total exports and pay its collaborators 52 percent more than any company from the manufacturing sector.


However, a review is necessary; it has to be adapted to the new international fiscal conjuncture, he underlined after adding that its modernization will be based in the following axes: talent development, fiscal issue, foreign trade, national content, investment topic and update of the logistics task, for it to continue successfully for the next 20 years.


He mentioned that 2017 was a good year for the manufacturing exporting sector, even with the arrival of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States; said that his arrival made a highly challenge environment in Mexico, “it shook us and we are convinced that one of the characteristics of the Mexicans is we are better under pressure.”


He informed in addition that the data of the investment in the sector are that from September 2016 to the same month from 2017, grew almost 10 %, while employment did with a 12 % generating a total of 150 thousand new positions in the mentioned period.


He said that precisely with Trump’s policy (the Fiscal Reform) many investments were anticipated and reached the 2017, reason why in 2018 also the growth percentage will be smaller, but everything will depend on each sector.


Aguirre Lang announced that during the current six year period, the IMMEX investment represents 12 % more than the entire previous one, adding more than 39 billion dollars.  And mentioned that the Trump’s Fiscal Reform will benefit them in exportations, since the United States market will potentiate.


About the NAFTA update; he said that the sixth round will bring better results.  He said that 46 States of the American Union base their commerce (main partners) in the United States and Canada, in the automotive sector, as well as in the agro-industrial, food and metal-mechanic.  In addition, the private sector in the United States is convinced of the benefits of this Treaty.