The directive board of the environment, health and safety committee of Index Reynosa presented important subjects in different areas to their members.

At the beginning of the meeting was held the presentation of Luis Monjaraz, from Ecolimpio.  Sanjuana Ayala, president of the environment, health and safety committee of Index Reynosa, said the subjects were specially prepared which were exhibited in the November meeting to members of the committee, since each one of the addressed aspects serve for companies and employees be prepared for the challenges brought by the new year which is about to start.

The meeting also served for attendees to learn about the different provisions to implement in companies as of 2020, such as NOM-036 regarding ergonomic aspects at work. Gerardo Garcia, member of the directive board of the committee, anticipated it will be a recognized ergonomist from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon who will attend as a guest to the December meeting to expand related information.

“Practically, if we previously implemented activities in the work area for proactivity, as of January 2020 it will be mandatory. This is why the importance of learning in detail everything this standard will imply and it will be at December gathering that there will be an expert in the subject present to expand the information to our members,” underlined Ayala.

Another presentation was focused – for example – with the management of industrial wastes, for which there was the presentation of Luis Monjaraz, from the company Ecolimpio.



An important aspect to take care in companies and in all life areas is stress management, and to provide a wide vision of how to implement activities that reduce it in daily life and with this, generate from a better work environment, a better attitude or even increase productivity inside companies, a lecture was given by Adriana Garza Trevino, from Schwabe Pharma Mexico.



Olivia Alvarez Gomez, superintendent of basic supply CFE Reynosa, from the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE, by its Spanish initials) attended the meeting; also Jesus Lopez, chief of big customers office from CFE Reynosa and Salvador Silva, measurement engineering of the distribution center of CFE Reynosa.

Olivia Alvarez said that thanks to the agreement CFE has with Index, work is done together with companies to learn and have an approach regarding doubts and processes with this office.

The visit of representatives from CFE was to show an improvement project which is being implemented in Reynosa and that benefits measurement and correct billing of services.