The Binational Council for the Economic Development of Reynosa (COBIFER, by its Spanish initials) presented Luis Cantu as president of this organism which works as a platform to gather Chambers, organisms and businessmen, aiming to improve the conditions of the Region.


On September 5th at their ordinary session and before the presence of representatives of the productive sector of Reynosa and the region, the new directive board announced that they will be guiding COBIFER, council that is integrated by businessmen in Reynosa, the Riberena Region and the South Texas Valley, and that represent the different productive sectors.


Joaquin Spamer, outgoing president mentioned those integrating this general committee:

• Rene Salinas, first vice-president

• Felix Garza, second vice-president

• Juan Zubiaga, secretary

• Juan Jose Villarreal, treasurer

• Martin Anzaldua, Sergio Gracia and Joaquin Spamer, spokespersons

• Silvia De Leon, director of operations


Luis Cantu, current president of COBIFER, said that it will be important for the new directive to follow-up the projects that were initiated, as well as starting new ones that were already planned.


Luis explained that due to the international lawyers firm he represents and being focused on everything related with the maquila industry: “I lived the time when many companies arrived to Reynosa due to the geographic part and this city was known as the best foreign destination; today, things have changed and our skills have turned creative and little aggressive and we have been left behind.  This encourages us to have this kind of organism and events where we can have more projection.  This region continues having the geographic advantages that other places do not have, we only need a little more union among the different sectors – private as well as public – and organisms.”


He underlined the interest in achieving COBIFER to grow in members, events and in help for coordination and growth.


At the meeting for the appointment of the new COBIFER directive council had as special guest Mexico’s consul in McAllen, Eduardo Bernal, together with the ascribed consul Socorro Guadalupe Jorge Cholula.


Presenting projects’ information


One of the speakers at this meeting was Ralph Garcia, vice-president of the McAllen Economic Development Corporation, and announced data of market absorption and the new projects for Reynosa.


Meanwhile, Ramon Farias, from the Energy Commission of Tamaulipas talked about the different energy projects.  Farias noted that the energy sector in this State is projected to be important in the upcoming years.


“There will be an important change, a reconversion where much of the economy will be linked to this sector,” Farias said.


Marcos Olivares, delegate of Federal Roads and Bridges (CAPUFE, by its Spanish initials) highlighted that the regional delegation VIII, which belongs to the northeast area, Reynosa, Tamaulipas, it has 11 international bridges, 1 national bridge and 2 road sections, serving through 58 lanes for automobiles, either light or cargo, and 25 passers for pedestrians.  He provided figures of vehicle and pedestrian flow at the different cities in the State, as well as the contributions CAPUFE fulfills to fiscal coordination funds.


Griselda Elizondo, from IMPLAN, provided the details from the New Urban Agenda that is being developed in Reynosa, and in which the public and private sectors participate through workshops where they exhibit the main problematics and improvement to the city.