During 2019, Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, experienced a growth, basically owed to two important factors; one of them is the rebound on sales in North America and in some European countries which allowed increasing the production volumes in companies settled in this border city; besides the commercial war between China and the United States that has made business win or recover abroad.

Some production lines from Asia are moving again to Mexico, and Nuevo Laredo has received some of those transfers in production. Although there has been no growth regarding the number of companies, during the second quarter of 2018, Nuevo Laredo companies were hiring and increasing their workforce.

During the first semester of 2019 hiring continue; although the rhythm has decreased a little due to the economic deceleration in the United States and Japan.

“This is a good sign, although new companies are not arriving, the existing ones are growing and generating opportunities,” said Juan Elyd Saenz, president of Index Nuevo Laredo.



“The term innovation has been frequently used and this concept is for brave ones, the ones risking and daring, those experiencing; but that also have to be smart. Those preparing and endeavor to study; those researching and mainly those that open themselves to the opportunity and be a passion to do things the best way,” said Saenz, who also said that through Index is sought the way of providing companies with the tools that allow them to be more efficient and competitive.



One of the fundamental issues is “Innovation and Competitiveness” and this is the approach present as a group of companies from Index Nuevo Laredo.

“Including more technology, more industry 4.0 and all those currents – which are not new, they have always been there – but nowadays it is a need for any company to be more efficient. It is not only the desire to include more innovation and technology to have less personnel, to the contrary, we would like the same amount of people, or even more, but produce more,” explained Saenz.

Innovation applies to any area, not only to manufacture; it is applied in human resources, finances and there is an interest from companies in this city to adopt that innovation culture to be more efficient and increase competitiveness in this sector.

“During 2019 we worked in being aligned with universities, with the Center for Innovation and Technology in Nuevo Laredo, companies are united in this aspect and the second step is to educate our people in innovation issues and then on its implementation,” he said.

Finally, he said that 2020 is the year to implement innovation in plants and operations: “an interesting year and also a dynamic one, since this involves including new generations.”