The Italian company will encourage the economic development of SLP by generating 600 jobs


With the objective of expanding its operations in Mexico, the Italian company Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies opened its second production plant in the municipality of Rioverde in San Luis Potosi, in addition to generating jobs for the region and promoting economic development for the State.


With an investment of more than 4 million dollars and located in an area of 5,500 square meters, the new plant will be manufacturing and designing electrical heating and cooling products for applications in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, as well as that the company will be generating more than 600 job sources.


The opening ceremony was attended by: Gianfranco Zoppas, president of Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies; Federico Zoppas, general manager of Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies; Anastassio Kapetanis, director of Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies Americas; Juan Manuel Carreras, governor of San Luis Potosi; Gustavo Puente, Secretary of Economic Development of SLP; Manuel Lozano Nieto, Secretary of Labor and Social Security of SLP; Jose Ramón Torres, mayor of Rioverde; Jorge Luis Diaz, local deputy of the XII District; Jose de Jesus Gama, first councilor of the municipality of Rioverde; Luis Chavez, HR Manager at Americas, Javier Cervantes, General Secretary of the Trade Union Metalworking Industry CTM SLP, as well as municipal authorities, media area, customers and suppliers.


In his speech the president of Zoppas Industries, Gianfranco Zoppas emphasized that the company ratifies its presence in the State, with the creation of jobs for the Municipality: “San Luis Potosi is one of the 10 best entities to invest in the country for its development and competitiveness, that is why we are committed to continue promoting this growth,” said Gianfranco Zoppas.


At the same time the COO Americas of Zoppas Industries Americas, Anastassio Kapetanis reported that the installation of a new company in the municipality of Rioverde was due to the fact that San Luis Potosi is a strategic point for the company, since its closeness to the United States is an important factor besides that the town has a capable and committed workforce to perform the operations that the company requires.


He explained that, at the moment of planning the second stage of the company, they fulfilled tests placing at first 300 workers in a plant already established in the municipality, from there it was decided to buy the land and expand 5,000 m2 more, in addition of roads land communication where the municipality is located facilitate the transferring of their products. “It was a very quick decision to invest in Rioverde, the state and municipal authorities supported us and this encouraged us to create this new plant.”


Regarding its production, Anastassio Kapetanis mentioned that they will be producing 90,000 pieces a day, in order to reaching 27,000,000 pieces of electrical resistance per year; which will be sent to the United States, Brazil and some parts of Mexico; he reported that among his main clients are Electrolux, GE, Mabe, Whirlpool, Samsung, Daikin-Goodman, PTAC and Canister.


Also, the COO of Zoppas Industries Americas, explained that about inputs, the company has a global supply chain, among which there are suppliers from Europe and Asia; he said that they are beginning to develop new national and local suppliers that already have fundamental elements such as steel, stainless steel, wires, among other products.


Anastassio Kapetanis said that a very important factor to install the new plant, was due to the workforce that the Municipality has, which will be developing and training, this through a training scheme that the company made, where they will be guaranteed to acquire technical and interpersonal skills to produce world-class elements, and operators who develop technical knowledge during their process will receive training and certification.


“We will be training our workers in the management of machines, in the 5’s and everything related with the Industry, since as a world-class company we will be forming leaders with many skills and competences,” ended Anastassio Kapetanis.


About Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies


Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologies was founded in the 50’s, by the Italian Gino Zoppas, where they began producing scores for stoves, chillers and washing machines; for the 60’s and 70’s the company began to invest in electrical components of automation and machinery, its market being the production of segmented electric resistors.


Currently, the company is world leader since it has 13 plants around the world, in the United States, Brazil, Switzerland, France, Russia, Germany, Finland, Italy, Romania, Serbia, China and 2 plants in Mexico located in San Luis Potosi, which generate more than 7,000 sources of employment worldwide.