MAINDSTEEL is a company of Aguascalientes from the metal-mechanic industry that manufactures components mainly for the automotive sector which has more than 12 years in the market; in addition, it is the company revolutionizing itself and its environment, with the creation of its own Research & Technological Development Center.


MAINDSTEEL’s history starts with its general director, Cuitlahuac Perez, who always has had the concern of changing something in the country, he enriched from success stories of national and foreign businessmen such as Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, and from there he started his dream.


In 2006, with the change in platforms present in Tiida and Sentra automobiles, the Nissan company, the opportunity is created for the development of local companies, in that year eight companies were developed in Aguascalientes, among them MAINDSTEEL.


The general director explained this launching: “We started with a welding assembling project with 16 people, where any balconies workshop could take the project away from us, in an industrial building of 400 square meters,” currently the main building occupies almost an hectare, they have another one of 2 thousand square meters and its workforce has added up to 380 workers.  


Today, the company specializes in metallic welding assemblies, formed from structural tube, bending wire and stamping of metallic parts for the automotive sector, mainly for Nissan and Mazda vehicles, with a unique technology in the country that guarantees high precision in the manufacturing of parts.


The company’s growth on its 12 years of operations has been based in the diversification, since they develop from exhibitors for commerce such as Circle K, casino components, public parks equipment and applications addressed to the agro industrial sector, from which are developing the first Mexican tractor which is expected to be ended this year.


The concern to create, decide and transform took Cuitlahuac Perez to know the clusters in Japan, where he observed how the Oriental country develops technology to solve problems in private initiative and society, what generated a change in vision which finally resulted in the creation of the Research & Technological Development Center of MAINDSTEEL.


On the other hand, the general director shared that its main supply is steel, which is supplied locally as well as from Monterrey and Leon, its supply is 70 % of Mexican origin and 30 % is from foreign countries such as the United States and China.


Perez said that the main projects they are developing in such centers are: a robotic arm of 6 freedom grades, a CNC of welding application, three electric light cargo vehicles (a bicycle, a motorcycle and a two-seater) with technology developed by Tesla and adapted by themselves, a smart shower for substantial saving of water, they also have developed applications for the agroindustry, where the main project is a tractor, in addition, 5 % of their sales is invested in such center.


“The objective is that in 3 or 5 years we will be introducing Mexican technology for SMEs, where we are lacking support, because we do not have the finance capability foreign corporates have to invest in the automation of our production processes, which make them quite productive and it is really difficult for us to compete against them,” said the general director.


Global trend points to the development of the Industry 4.0, where MAINDSTEEL also is involved in the development of an interface that will allow them knowing the production state and of machinery in real time with the implementation of sensors in all parts of its process.


MAINDSOFT is one of the 4 companies created in MAINDSTEEL in the last years, which is focused in the development of ICTs systems and is focused to information systems thought in industry and commerce, such company directly supports the Research & Development Center MAINDSTEEL to carry out production processes towards Industry 4.0.


The importance of being accompanied


Perez defines in one phrase “When you are walking alone you can get fast where you want to go, but if you want to go far, you must go accompanied.”  For the businessmen the lack of workforce is a good indicator presented at the Bajio, as it is result of big investments fulfilled in the area.


“The human factor is the backbone of everything we have developed; I can have too many dreams and the people by my side can dream with me, but if I do not have someone to make it true, to accompanied us, someone who can land everything we want to develop, this will be almost impossible…currently a work team is getting stronger where one can completely discharge any activity and responsibility to continue growing, continue dreaming” the businessman said, who also underlines the importance of identity in MAINDSTEEL.


Cuitlahuac Perez recognizes the need of the academic sector is linked to the private initiative, therefore he currently presides and supports such area with the three Tecnologicos in Aguascalientes and works as mentor inside the companies’ incubator at the Universidad Politecnica.


Perez said that the main challenge he is facing is the Mexican culture which reflects in the caution of other businessmen or finance groups in trusting everything MAINDSTEEL develops; however, this perspective does not stop its advance and settle the 4 companies forming MAINDSTEEL to grow twice and that with the consolidation of their technological development projects other 4 companies will be created in 2019.


“We are betting on the Research Center, I hope that in little while we can see our products on the streets, in industries, homes, and why not, in other countries” Cuitlahuac Perez ended.