Its clients are an important reason for the plant expansion

As part of the its expansion operations in Mexico, the Japanese company SIIX EMS Mexico SLP, opened it second stage in the State of San Luis Potosi, same that is located at the Colinas de San Luis Industrial Park; the company will seek satisfying its clients’ demand with the production of electronic circuits.


At the opening event were present the president and founder of SIIX Corporation, Shiro Murai; the president of SIIX EMS Mexico SLP, Akira Nakamura; Japan Consul in Mexico, Yasuhisa Suzuki; the president of North America Lighting Mexico in SLP, Steve Buchanan, the secretary of Economic Development in SLP, Gustavo Puente and the director of Economic Development from the Government of SLP, Marco Solis Camara.


SIIX Corportation is a global company that offers services of electronic manufacture, pieces acquisition and logistics for electronic areas, consumption devices and especially for the automotive industry; it has 12 manufactures and 16 offices of commerce and logistics worldwide.  SIIX EMS Mexico SLP is a manufacture company of electronic components it is the first company in the American continent and it was established in September 2013.


Among its clients are companies such as North American Lighting Mexico SLP, which is Tier1 supplier, it produces more than 5.5 million headlamps for assemblers located in the country, and in this sense, SIIX EMS Mexico SLP supplies more than 2 million circuit plates and electronic components for the plant as well as for the one in the United States.


When opening the event, the president and founder SIIX Corporation, Shiro Murai noted that the reason why they decided to expand their facilities, is due to the presence of manufacture companies from the United States, Europe, Japan and some Tier 1 companies; as well as from other industry manufacturers, who were interested in starting a business with the company, and in this sense they could not satisfy the needs of all the clients with the size of production they had when the company started.


He mentioned that the expansion will have 2 stories and it is located in a total surface of 21 thousand square meters, with a maximum capacity of installing 44 SMT lines and 60 assembly lines in the production area, the company generates 550 job sources and 41 million dollars have been invested in the first two stages and a third stage is projected where there will be a greater investment.

He commented that in the last years, Mexico is known as a strategic location for manufacture and commerce of the automotive industry from Japan as well as from the rest of the world; he emphasized that SIIX EMS Mexico SLP will work daily to deliver high quality products at lower cost and less time, being near its clients and fulfilling the required quality standards.



“As we know San Luis Potosi is located almost in the central part of the country and has high quality and plenty workforce, therefore it is an ideal environment for company management, due to how the community has welcomed us we want to contribute and be a trustful company from now on,” said Shiro Murai.


Akira Nakamura, president of SIIX EMS Mexico SLP, commented that in September 2013, the company was established and in 2014 the production started according to the original scheme; and due to the high demand of its products they started the second stage in 2015.


“The main reason of this expansion is owed to the clients, mainly from the automotive industry, which has been fundamental in this decision making, that is why the corporate has moved and they decided this investment,” said Akira Nakamura.


Regarding supply, he said that their main clients are in Mexico, since they are fundamental for automobile exporting, in addition of the company exporting its products to clients aboard.  “Here at the new plant located in San Luis Potosi at the center of this great country, and very near of our clients, all employees from SIIX EMS Mexico SLP are committed with the delivery of high quality products in less time and low costs for all our clients,” the president of SIIX EMS Mexico SLP ended.


At the same time the Consul of Japan in Mexico, Yasuhisa Suzuki mentioned that the company is globally recognized, since the electronic components that they manufacture are addressed to the automotive industry, he underlined that the manufactured automobiles are equipped with hundreds of sensors and electronic circuits for safety and the effectiveness in use of fuel and in this sense the company will be of great support for the production of first quality automobiles for the area.


He also said that the relation between Mexico and Japan has been friendly and of a lot of respect between both nations; he mentioned that there are 550 Japanese companies located in the Bajio Area, from which San Luis Potosi has 60 companies.  “You are of open arms for us and that makes us, Japanese people very happy of working with you,” said Yasuhisa Suzuki.


Japan consolidates its presence in San Luis Potosi


In the last 6 years 92 % of all the investments from Japanese companies have been received in San Luis Potosi, since in the comparative of 19 years, 60 companies have invested in the State, data provided by the Ministry of Economic Development in SLP, and in this sense the consolidation of Japanese companies have been in constant growth.


The secretary of Economic Development of the State, Gustavo Puente noted that the automotive sector in particular in the Bajio Area, has been growing in a dynamic manner, since Zacatecas, Queretaro, Guanajuato, Aguascalientes and San Luis Potosi, has been place in the first five places of greater growth in Mexico.


In the Bajio area and specially San Luis Potosi has received some of this companies; he also mentioned that there is a record of more than 400 Japanese people living in the State, what talks about tranquility and safety they have in the State as well as in the country.


Likewise the director of Economic Development of SLP, Marco Solis Camara informed that the park Colinas de San Luis has 15 Japanese companies from different industrial sectors, as well as of German companies, Spanish and one from England; he emphasized that the Japanese investments will continue triggering the Center area of the country and specially the economic growth that the State of San Luis Potosi has had.