The Japanese company Nissha PMX Technologies invested in expansion 10 million dollars for the second stage of the plant located in San Luis Potosi, which will have a size dimension of 9,700 m2.


With this growth they seek entering the automotive and home appliances markets, being their main clients Whirlpool, Webasto, Denso and Bosch.


“Regarding the markets diversification we have evolved, from being a supplier 100 % focused in the automotive sector we are integrating other business segments, therefore for this year 35 % of our sales will be in the home appliances segment,” said Fernando Ibarra, CEO of Nisha PMX Technologies.


During the commemorative event of the plate deviling, it was announced that currently, the plastics injection company has 200 collaborators; therefore this 2018 will be generating 120 new job sources.


“We supply products from San Luis Potosi to three continents, 25 % are directly exported and 60 % indirectly.  This year we will be offering the design of key on hand projects, development and manufacturing of injection molds, plastic injection processes, double injection processes, to mention a few,” said Fernando Ibarra.


While, Masaya Ueda, executive vice-president and general manager of the Industrial Materials Business Unit of Nissha, informed that the expansion will encourage Nissha PMX Technologies to reach 100 % growth in 2020.


“The company’s function is to promote international businesses in PMX and we are focused in human capabilities, with the 25 customers we have, among them Bosch, Bose, Valeo, Samsung, Cummins, will be reached what is projected,” he ended.


The Japanese company has 59 plants worldwide, generates more than 5,300 jobs and exports to countries such as the United States, Czech Republic, Germany, China and Canada.