The Japanese company is fulfilling its second expansion to increase the manufacturing of their product, plastic piping for different vehicles brands.


NITTA MOORE MEXICO S DE RL DE CV fulfilled its second expansion aimed to increase their production 30 % on a first stage and with that increase the products supply required by their main customers.

“The growth is focused on the increase of new projects from our customers and the personal development as company providing an opportunity to new jobs inside the company in a short and medium term,” said Dogochi Takeshi, vice-president of NITTA MOORE MEXICO S DE RL DE CV.

Given their products’ demand, the Japanese company will continue manufacturing plastic piping and is planning in continue growing on the SLP entity.

NITTA MOORE MEXICO S DE RL DE CV exports its products to the United States and to Brazil, some products inside Mexico as to Puebla and Silao.

They also export products to Nitta Moore America, filial company of Nitta Moore Company and to Inergy Automotive System do Brasil, located in Parana, Brazil.  “The supplies we implemented in processes come from Japan and the United States,” he said.

Attached to the requirements demanded by the automotive industry and its customers, the company has certificates such as IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 9001:2015.

Regarding sustainability, Dogochi Takeshi explained that the company considers three important aspects: social, economic and ecological.

“As main objective, through the correct means to obtain them, sustainability is the objective and social responsibility is the mean to obtain it,” he noted.


New Plant Areas

The areas that integrate the new plant zone are dining area, medical service, dressing rooms, clean room area for special pieces, production area, among

For this first stage, two lines will be settled at the production area, the first one for assembly of pieces fuel area, and the second one of extrusion line.

“Pneumatic assembly machines will be installed and electric furnaces with manual function of touch screen,” said the vice-president.


Human Capital Development


Focused on the automotive sector, Dogochi Takeshi said that for the Japanese investment workforce is very important, since they considered as qualified to responsible develop the job.

“Mexico has great Asian investors who favor the economy, generating new jobs.  For this company in particular, Mexican workforce is considered as qualified, creative and innovative,” he said.

Currently 112 people are part of the teamwork of NITTA MOORE MEXICO S DE RL DE CV; its workforce is mainly integrated by women, and for this first growth stage, there will be about 10 workers those joining their human capital, later it will be increased according to projects’ demand.

The Japanese company continuously supports its personnel, therefore they offer training on their work area, as well as courses in different subjects focused on their work, safety and social environment, in addition they offer them safety in their work facilities.

“Our personnel is developed in different aspects, from operative personnel to the highest levels, we are a company that sets people first.  We try to raise awareness of capability each worker has, for mutual benefit,” he noted.


History (Background)


In 1967 the merging of two companies: Nitta and the American company of Samuel Moore created Nitta Moore Company.

This is how Nitta Moore Mexico was created; it is the subsidiary in Mexico of the Japanese company Nitta Moore Company and is dedicated to the manufacture of formed plastic piping and plastic assemblies for fuel system in the automotive industry.

As years passed by, Nitta Moore Company was absorbed by Nitta Corporation, the parent company and Nitta Moore Mexico is today a subsidiary of Nitta.

By the end of 2006 Nitta Moore Mexico established in the state of San Luis Potosi to begin operations in the automotive sector with an available area of 2,262 square meters for production and 316 square meters for offices.

Given its products demands, two expansions have been fulfilled to the Factory and the current plant area is of 7,484 square meters.

In addition, the business has expanded and they currently deliver their products to the automobiles manufacturer and manufacturers of first level pieces.