With a productive plant of 4,827 square meters, Teknia San Luis Potosi, settled in the entity at the end of 2010, given the growth and high development potential mainly for being strategically located in the central part of Mexico.  “We analyzed within the Mexican market the location of our customers and San Luis Potosi provides us in a ratio of 150 to 300 lm to reach our main customers which are in Aguascalientes, Queretaro, Guadalajara and the northern region,” shared Juan de Dios Gomez, general director of Teknia San Luis Potosi.

The Spanish company has in Mexico three plants, the one in San Luis Potosi is focused on plastic injection, the one in Mexico City is dedicated to bar parts machining and to aluminum injection in Tepeji del Rio.

Globally, the SLP plant stands out for being the only one that has all strategic products of division included in the same industrial building.  We are developing new products regarding Airbag system and we have been manufacturing other safety components for years such as brake liquid reservoirs and interior pieces.”

The plastic injection company manufactures pieces for the automotive sector, mainly those intended to safety or vehicle interior parts.

The main customers in safety pieces are Robert Bosch, Continental, ZF/TRW and Autoliv; and in interior pieces are Draxlmaier, Plasti Omium, Adient, among others.

“Regarding safety pieces we manufacture brake liquid reservoirs, we bill about 4.5 million pieces per year and concerning interior pieces such as seats and doors, we reached 4 million pieces,” he said.

Products manufactured by Teknia San Luis Potosi are exported to countries such as the United States, Thailand, Poland and Taiwan.

Raw material implemented on their products comes from the United States and Europe; however, indirect materials related with production are acquired by Mexican suppliers, most of them are located in the Bajio area.

“We have suppliers from Poland, Spain, China, India or the United States and in Mexico the main ones come from San Luis Potosi, Guanajuato and Queretaro,” said Juan de Dios.

They are certified on the requirements requested by the automotive industry, they have the IATF 16949 and the ISO14001, the German certification VDA 6.3 and they are currently training their human capital, which consists of 214 people, in the standard CQI 23, which is only and exclusively for companies of the plastic injection sector.

The general director said that during 2018 the company grew 24 % in sales and made some investments higher than 1.6 million dollars.  They have projected a growth in sales of 33 % in 2019, which will be reflected in a productive space expansion of 20 % in a short term and a 50 % on the next two years.  In addition this year they will be launching three important projects to manufacture new products, which have new productive processes such as paint and fluoridation.

“Within a term of three years we are seeking to increase our productive capability in 60 % and our sales will increase between 75 and 80 percent,” ended Juan de Dios.