ISO 39001 certification is granted to companies which through the correct application of the regulation develops internal policies that reflect a responsible attitude in front of the personnel, the environment, and society, this international recognition was granted by the Business Development Lloyd’s Register to Grupo Senda, being the first transportation company of passengers in the country to obtain it.

The implementation and certification of Grupo Senda in this standard will allow saving lives and promote safer behaviors in the handling of all its units, assuming a positive impact that grants a competitive advantage to reduce road risks and its materialization impacts.

They provide personnel transportation in San Luis Potosi to companies Eaton, Cummin, 3M, among others.

Jorge Ramos Medina, director of Personnel Transportation, emphasized that this is just the beginning since the commitment is to continue as a company and this is an everyday job, which is fulfilled in the entire business structure.

“Our main function as a transportation company is to provide safety to our passengers and collaborators, as from there, we decided to improve as a commitment to the community because we travel roadways and avenues,” he said.

With this certification, Grupo Senda, the leader in the transportation sector, reasserts the commitment that permanently keeps with its collaborators, personnel, and customers in all venues in which it operates in 150 cities of Mexico and the United States.

“The commitment is to be a safer company, we redefine our first strategic objective which achieves zero accidents with responsibility through the creation of a road safety culture, we owe ourselves to our customers and the best way to reciprocate is by being a safe company,” ended Jorge Ramos Medina.