The complex includes Gestamp hot stamping and the first hydroforming line in the country.


The multinational company specialized in design, development and manufacturing of high engineering metallic components for the automotive industry invested more than 1,600 million pesos (86 million dollars) in SLP.


On a surface of 140,000 square meters, and a construction of 27,800 square meters, Gestamp will have latest equipment for hot stamping, as well as hydroforming among other technologies.  Likewise, San Luis Potosi will be the first plant of Gestamp in Mexico manufacturing chassis pieces.


“The relation Spain-Mexico and Gestamp-San Luis Potosi are mutually beneficial relations, because the company will bring innovation, formation, knowledge transfer, high technology and quality jobs; and we obtain diversification from San Luis Potosi, new markets, new possibilities and customers such as BMW,” said Antonio Basagoiti, president of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce.




The plant will be offering multi-technological solutions to its customers located in North America, it will have a hot stamping line, in which the Goup is world leader and that allow manufacturing lighter and safer pieces and, therefore better regarding energy consumption and environmental impact.


The first hydroforming technology production line was settled on the industrial building, which allows shaping steel in complex shapes thanks to water force to be integrated in vehicle structural components.


The company specializes in products’ development with an innovative design to achieve safer and lighter vehicles.


“Slowly we have managed to introduce all products we manufacture in Gestamps into our plants located in Mexico and the productive processes we develop globally, there will be the first time here in San Luis Potosi we manufacture components for chassis and mechanisms,” said Francisco J. Riberas, executive president of Gestamp.




Its customers are the main world vehicles manufacturers, among them Ford, Jeep, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz and Nissan.


Francisco J. Riberas said that the production capability Gestamp will have will depend on customers’ requirements, for now some of them have requested components between 150 thousand to 300 thousand pieces.


“For BMW San Luis Potosi we will be invoicing 150 thousand vehicles and we manufacture 8 components for the German assembler.  In terms of volume the customer beginning with higher invoicing is Ford,” he said.




In recent years, Gestamp has experienced a great growth, what has been reflected in the development of their products portfolio (bodies, chassis and mechanisms) through the international expansion that has turned into a global supplier present in 22 countries, since it accompanies its customers to the place where they settle.


Gestamp Mexico has seven production plants distributed in Puebla, Toluca, Aguascalientes and San Luis Potosi.  The Group workforce in the country amounts more than 3,600 people.


“Mexico is a market with great potential, it has grown exponentially in the last years, therefore we completely trust our growth capability here, always together with our customers,” explained the executive president of Gestamp.


It is the second plant of the Group settled in San Luis Potosi and the seventh in Mexico, therefore Gestamp and Edscha, will employ together about 600 people, offering all their skills in the State which includes bodies, chassis and mechanisms.


“Two years ago they began this project from scratch in San Luis Potosi, and here we will have the best technology, all installed machines are automated or robotized,” said Carlos Micheletto, president of Gestamp Mexico.


Mexico, world pole in automobiles manufacturing


The Mexican market has grown in a sustained manner during the last decade, only in 2018 Mexico manufactured 3.9 million vehicles (amount of IHS Markit,) therefore it located as the seventh automobile producer worldwide.


Given that this development in the automotive sector, Gestamp began its operations in Mexico in 2001; currently they work for all big assemblers located in the country and the Mexican market is the sixth per invoicing for Gestamp, with an income of more than 13,100 million pesos (682 million dollars) in 2018.


 “We are prepared in facilities, the components we manufacture are not exported, most of them are heavy components and we manufacture them locally close to the place where assemblers are settled,” ended Francisco J. Riberas, executive president of Gestamp.