For six years, Solinda, Mexican company and of private capital serves and manufactures spare parts and integration to its customers Compas, Nissan Mexicana, Unipres Mexicana, Jatco Mexico, Volkswagen, among others.

In addition, they offer mechanic devices, hydraulic, pneumatic, cabins, assembly lines, checking fixture (inspection tooling, a scale to measure complicated shape parts.)
As result of the continuous development the automotive sector has had in Aguascalientes, its products are exported indirectly, since through its customers their production arrives in Canada, China and the United States.

Regarding their supplies those are national as well as international, the raw material is acquired from different suppliers located in Guadalajara, Monterrey, Leon, and Mexico City among other sites and, in electronic components they are imported from Japan, Germany and the United States.

“Solinda has developed several parts number for Jatco which are high precision pieces, the Japanese company  exported about 30 different models from Japan, Solinda gave us the opportunity to collaborate and develop these models, which are delivered on a shorter time, cheaper and the most important those are national products,” said Victor Gonzalez Cervantes, CEO of Solinda.

The company currently has three industrial buildings that together amount around 1,200 square meters; however, given the company’s growth they will be opening a new industrial building of 4,700 square meters, space where they will having an Engineering and Automation Department.

In addition, they have a metrology laboratory integrated by one CMM Mitutoyo, Brazos Romer with a scope of 3.5 meters and, other equipment certified and operated by expert personnel, skills developed continuously by the company.

For three years Solinda has been certified by the Standard ISO 9001:2008 same that on August 2018 was recertified in the Standard ISO 9001:2015.

On the other hand, Victor Gonzalez said that they have qualified workforce, supporting personnel development aiming for it to be parallel and making their projections, skills and be benefited by their internal processes in order to satisfy their customers need by providing them products that exceed their expectations.

Finally, for this 2019 they will make a synergy with a Chinese company of plastic molds for the automotive industry; moreover, Solinda was one of the 15 selected companies at state level to be future suppliers inside the aeronautic sector, and by the end of October they will begin quoting parts for the supply chain of TIER 3 from the aeronautic sector, what will provide what they offer and develop great potential.

“They will show us the path to make a correlation with the State Government and Techba in order to go together and be able to enter the aeronautic sector, but the point is we have to be well prepared for it to be done in a good manner,” he ended.