Aiming to increase its productive capacity and expand its logistics chain, in January 2011 the Daikin Manufacturing Mexico plant was relocated to the state of San Luis Potosi, after 10 years of operations in Mexico City.


“The company was born in 1924 in Japan and, was positioning in Asia and Europe, its ambition to be number one made it grew in the United States, through the acquisition of McQuay with whom they made a society and, thus acquired what we now today as Daikin Applied,” said Andres Benavides, director of Daikin Applied San Luis Potosi.


The air conditioning equipment is manufactured in this plant for national sales and exports to the United States, Canada and Latin America, supplying more than 50 % its supplies from Mexico.


“This is one of the main reasons why we are here in San Luis, for the development of the industry suppliers’ base.  Our customers can be schools, hotels, real estate developments, condo buildings, offices, among others,” he ended.


Every day, the Japanese company produces in San Luis Potosi from 200 to 300 complete units of different capabilities and technologies, in eight different assembly lines.


“We manufacture air handlers for interiors, we make terminal equipment’s which are the units inside a hotel room and multi-departmental buildings, to mention a few, for this equipment we use two types of technology,” said Daikin Applied San Luis Potosi director.


One of the most important factors for the company is the human capital formed by 400 collaborators, which is constantly trained.


“The development is to encourage the correct values in people, for them to have that “hook” with the company, that there is a collaboration among partners; we also have a specific training area, there is a team that works in technical competences of the personnel, from floor as the management part,” said Andres Benavides.


The air conditioner plant in San Luis has an ISO 9000 certification, in the medium term they are seeking the ISO 14000 certification, and they will be entering programs as: Clean Industry, Self-Management and Safety.


Regarding the growth, Daikin Applied has a property land of about 320,000 m2, therefore they will seek to expand in a future and increase their production capacity.


“We intend to bring more lines to this plant, we are analyzing projects to continue supporting cost reduction in our companies or sister plants in the United States.  This plant has the capacity to produce double, however, we also are looking to grow in different product lines that will require new industrial buildings, he ended.