The National College of Professional Technical Education (CONALEP, by its Spanish initials) Engineer Manuel Moreno Torres facility, received the donation of a Wittmann Cartesiano robot arm, by Draxlmaier company, which fulfilled the approximate investment of 1,000,000 pesos.

This robot is a horizontal positioner arm and multipurpose selector, same that will be used to teach the modules of a specialty of the three careers offered by the facility: Industrial Electromechanical, Industrial Productivity, and Tooling Machines.

CONALEP is an institution that contributes to the economic and social development of the country, through the teaching of Bachelor Technical Professional Education (PT-B, by its Spanish initials,) with the objective of qualified training human resources to satisfy the needs of the productive sector; besides providing training and evaluation services aiming to certify labor competences, of technical assistance and technological services.

For that, CONALEP remains aware to transformation that takes place in the field of productive activities, with the purpose of responding to changing demands of the labor market; therefore they keep close linkage with the productive sector of goods and services, in a context of economic openness, commercial and labor toward national and international markets. In that sense, it has a pertinent academic model, flexible and of the vanguard, that provides its graduates high possibilities of labor insertion.



Intending to grant students the possibility of developing professional competences on an actual work field, the CONALEP has taken the task of strengthening, grow and position the “Dual Formation Program.”

Therefore Mabe Leiser and Loar Mechatronic joined the more than 30 companies that already contributed to the technical professional education of more than 300 youngsters, encouraged by the institution in this model, consolidating it as the number of medium higher education with dual formation program.