After a trip of 9,863 kilometers, the largest engines plant of BMW Group located in Steyr, Austria, sent to the San Luis Potosi plant the first engines that will be used to manufacture the new generation of the “BMW Serie 3.”  Therefore Lourdes Quijas, human resources director of BMW Group San Luis Potosi, said she is excited, since there have been three years of work that will be reflected in the launching of operations programmed for mid-2019.


It was anticipated that the workforce will be integrated by 1,500 people, but growing plans were advanced and for this 2019 they will reach 2,000 workers.  Therefore the German company held the “BMW Day 2018,” aiming to promote job opportunities they are offering.


“Approximately 500 positions are the ones being hired, the approach of the company was having talent at Mexico’s level for different profiles, but most of the percentage will be from SLP, due to we need many workforce of this region,” said Lourdes Quijas.


About 700 employees were trained abroad; the director explained that some administrative level positions were sent to Münich, Alemania.


Regarding personnel subject, for three years they have been working in strategies to commit employees to develop that sense of belonging and identification with the company to have a long and professional career.


“I am very happy and also our directive team because we knew there is talent in San Luis Potosi and we have proven this, and an example of that has been this entire process which throughout three years we have established inside the community which has responded very good fortunately, and until today our associates are working hard and we are providing very positive results, and that is a proof that SLP talent can manage this challenge and many more,” she said.


Likely, she said that the entire personnel is very motivated, since finally they can launch their product in a regular production and they will have a production capability of 175,000 units, likewise, it is an stimulus to demonstrate that this company in the country is giving a strong step, and they will place their product worldwide.