Within this dynamic world we are living in and the daily work of business, often, we can find only few actors to reward for achieved successes and contributions; but at the moment of distributing and pointing out failures personnel is not enough to distribute faults.  And it is why that few times we repair in this wise saying of John C. Maxwell: “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”


It is not surprising that the best companies, globalized as well as national, are the reflection of who directs them.  If the leader is a smart and reasonable mind, bright but impartial and wise but fair, then the main asset of the company: human capital, rises like foam and finance results go at par with it.


However, starting from the base that LEADERSHIP = INFLUENCE and that develop and direct ourselves is usually the hardest task we face every day, then we must meditate and ask ourselves:


What could change in my life if I develop as leader? How can I increase my efficiency? How can I deduct my weaknesses? How can I divide and better organize my work? And how can I multiply my impact in the group?


The first thing to do is understand the 5 Levels of Leadership and, based on that, trace a route map to increase our influence in others:


Level 1: Position.  Seeking security based in titles rather than talent.  They cannot achieve people follow them beyond their defined authority.  It is a good place to start Leadership, but it is a terrible place to stay.

Level 2: Permit.  People follow him because they want to.  This level is characterized by good, solid and lasting relationships.

Level 3: Production.  People follow him by results achieved for the organization.

Level 4: Human Development.  They follow him due to what the leader has done for them.  They became outstanding not because their power, but because of their ability to empower others.

Level 5: Pinnacle.  They follow the leader because of who he is and represents.  Based on the reputation, which has lead correctly and have done it during their entire life.


One thing is for sure, we all have goals, we not only want to achieve success, but also to experience and live transcendence, the level we achieve will depend more on our influence than any other factor.  Therefore influence is so important and, we have to develop it as when opportunities arrive we can make the most of them.