Originally from Rincon de Romos, municipality located in the northern part of the State of Aguascalientes, Cuitlahuac Perez graduated in 1994 as Mechanical Engineer from the Instituto Tecnologico de Aguascalientes (ITA,) began working in General Motors Company in Silao, Guanajuato where he remained for two years starting as an intern and later through different positions such as technician, production supervisor and ended in the engineering area on vehicle assembly processes.

He returned to Aguascalientes to incorporate to the Texas Instrument de Mexico company, and together with another group of engineers were in charge of starting the plant, which today is Sensata Technologies.

Afterwards he changed companies, he entered as production manager and later he was promoted as general director.

For 25 years of work life he has learned everything, since he was technically formed on systems, leadership tools, personnel management and in the finance area, as result of his performance, on February 9th 2006, Cuitlahuac decided to take a risk and create his first company Maindsteel, dedicated to the manufacturing and commercialization of metal-mechanic products.

At his 46 years, he continues to work for his dreams, and one of his big professional goals is to transform Mexico’s history generating Mexican technology for the national market of all sectors, aiming for Mexican companies to grow being more competitive and thus strength the internal marked and not depend on foreign maquilas.

“We are currently working with a range of electric vehicles, as well as in the process of developing the first Mexican tractor, CNC robotic arms, we are talking about that kind of technology were we get involved in Industry 4.0 to help Mexican companies,” said the general director Maindsteel.

It is very important for Cuitlahuac Perez to employ the value of integrity in his company since it is a fundamental base for business relations be given in a long term and therefore be successful.  This manner, during the last 13 years the reason why they do not have high turnover, is due to they recognize the effort and work of each collaborator, resulting on trust and good internal work environment.