Members of the Directive Committee of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (CANACINTRA, by its Spanish initials) delegation San Juan del Rio, presented in press conference presented Jose Guadalupe Roman Flores as new president.


Roman said during his participation that his work plan will be focused on business linkage, human development and education.


“We will support the growth of local companies, working in favor of new investments, as well as in the generation of jobs and improvement of current labor conditions,” he emphasized.


“One of the main objectives of this new administration will be to keep an approach with state and municipal authorities to encourage the dynamism of the industry by continuously promoting the talent of San Juan del Rio,” he added.


Likewise, Jose Guadalupe Roman Flores underlined that currently the opportunity of an interesting growth within the industrial sector is anticipated, “from there our interest of having trained middle-ranking officials and directives.”


Meanwhile Eridani Rios Romero, manager of CANACINTRA San Juan del Rio, said that their main objective is to strength the linkage ties among companies, mainly with the ones from the new industrial park.


“Regarding security matters, in order for during an emergency or some accident have the necessary organization and support can be provided to municipal authorities as well as to the same business community of San Juan del Rio,” he detailed.


It is important to mention that after two years of integrated, the mutual help group continues to have continuous activity, remembering that the invitation is open for any company willing to be part of it.


“We are open to generate new proposals resulting from members’ needs, we would like for the industry to know and feel supported by CANACINTRA, since our commitment is to continue working to support them,” ended the manager of CANACINTRA San Juan del Rio.