Kern-Liebers is a German company that was born in 1888, but it has been present in Mexico for more than 40 years contributing with different markets, from home appliances, medical industry and specifically in Queretaro for the automotive sector.


“We mainly produce springs for the automotive industry, but also for the home appliances industry, springs, precision springs, compression and heat treated, that is mainly our approach and we currently are establishing manufacturing of metal-plastic compound here in Mexico, that will be the new technology we are currently launching,” said Timm Jenisch, general director of Kern-Liebers Mexico.


In 2006 the company opened its first plant of 12,000 m2 in Queretaro, dedicated to the stamping and die cutting and nine years later they are celebrating the opening of a second plant of 10,000 m2 specialized in the manufacturing of springs.


“The decision of choosing Queretaro was made some years ago, mainly due to its geographic location, we are in the central part of Mexico, in the Bajio region, where we expect having a great growth in the automotive sector,” explained the director of Kern-Liebers Mexico.


Regarding raw material, the company mainly leans in local suppliers and imports specialized materials from Europe, Asia and South America.


The company manages its own projects and has a design department in the engineering area for customers’ specifications and additionally on its several processes such as stamping, assembly, fine blanking, and spring making winding.  Kern Liebers uses different technologies such as multi-slide in which they are pioneers in the country.


“We are managing different technologies, but I would like to underline our thermal technology, since it is the one in which we are obtaining a good response in the Mexican market, we currently have two technologies we offer in the market which are nitriding and nitrocarburizing,” underlined Timm Jenisch.


The great success of the company is on its people, Kern-Liebers has more than 7,000 collaborators distributed in 50 plants around the world, especially in Queretaro, the two plants are integrated by 500 employees, in addition of 15 students which are part of the dual model offered by the company with the Kern-Liebers Technical School.


They have a wide customers’ portfolio of renowned tier1 companies mainly from the automotive industry.  The company has a great commitment offering great quality in the elaboration of every piece and by having metrology and quality laboratories, as well as certifications such as ISO 14001 and the new standard IATF 6949.


Future plans, the company is preparing to attract new machinery in plastic injection.


“We want to grow, the local market in Mexico is increasing, therefore we are participating in this development, it is for sure an objective we have as a company, in a size perspective, but also we want to evolve in technology, provide more training and more knowledge of the technology we offer our customers.”