Industrias Ferroplasicas S.A. de C.V.


After 38 years of presence in the plastics injection market in Mexico, the company Industrias Ferroplasticas S.A. de C.V. has known how to be at forefront and set a path in molds and tools for their sector.


It was founded in 1989 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, when only one injection machine – which was obtained by exchanging a car – started to manufacture industrial safety items.  It was achieved to have good customers, the most important ones in Queretaro, such as Siemens and Btcino and after a year, before the products demand, it was decided to take the company to the Fraccionamiento Industrial Balvanera, Queretaro.


“Since June 1990 we are here in Queretaro, here in Corregidora exactly.  We currently have around 760 workers, people that collaborate here at the company,” said Jesus Calderon Calderon, general director of Industrias Ferroplasticas.


Currently, at its 12,000 m2 facilities they design and manufacture their own molds for plastics injection to produce a range of 300 different items for home and office, as well as toys and sandals.  From the total of their production 30 % is exported to different countries in Centro America, such as: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Dominican Republic, Chile and Guatemala.


“We manufacture home items such as food containers, we also do jars, glasses, things that complement this market and we have a small line of furniture which are cupboards, tables; chairs and we are now thinking in plastic hardware,” the businessmen explained.


Jesus Calderon explained that their company has the philosophy of being a socially responsible company and that it promotes the inclusion of people with disabilities as part of their workforce.  In this sense, the company participated together with the past state government administration in the manufacture and delivery of sandals to children at Sierra Gorda, Queretaro.


“Maybe you remember the famous gallitos, well there we started molding little shoes and until now we continue molding shoes.  The line grew, now we do those calsaletas used when taking a shower.  We do several things with that technology,” said the engineer.


The company’s growth has been exponential, mainly since 2001.  “We had years in which we were growing 50 % annually and for 4 years we had a strong growth in 20 % and two years ago an 8 %,” said Calderon, asserting that currently they have been stable.


Today the company has 109 plastic injection machines from 90 to 1,400 tons of closure, which consume 400 monthly tons of polypropylene.  50 % of national origin and the remaining of importation; nevertheless, the plant has a recycling area to efficient costs.


Despite having qualified workforce that the same company trains with induction courses, this year the decision has made of giving the next step to automate some processes.


“The intention is Industry 4.0; we took the first step now we have some monitors that are giving us in real time what is happening and being manufactured on each machine.  Now comes the second part, which is manufacturing the final product, sum of parts and set them in a final product.  And the third part take it to the warehouse,” said the directive.


To achieve this objective it is expected the installation of the first robotic arms by the end of this year.  Combined with this, it has already begun to recruit and train technicians which will be supervising automated cells.