Trilogiq Mexico started operations in 2005 in Queretaro, having as its operations base Cumbres del Conin, in the municipality of El Marques.


“Trilogiq started in a small office with two people and started to develop very important projects with Bticino and Nissan which were the first clients.  There was the idea of growing and from there was the moving to the Bernardo Quintana Park in a little warehouse and two years later we moved to La Noria Industrial Park where there are larger operations and we had more space in a facility with 2,500 square meters,” said Adrian Segovia Garcia, operations director at Trilogiq Mexico.


He mentioned that thanks to the growth and effort from all collaborators finally they moved to their current facilities which have 5,500 square meters, where they continue growing and incorporating new projects.


Trilogiq currently designs and manufactures storage tubular solutions and for the easement of processes in industries.  This goes from computerized design of products, to the manufacture of rails and piping coverages, until the implementation of automated systems for the transportation of materials.


“The largest percentage is addressed to the automotive Industry and currently what they are asking is not a device, but solutions.  Today we already have intelligent solutions, for example they can ask us for a working station where we already can place electrification, it can have tooling or pneumatic systems to raise or lower intelligent racks, that through pneumatics or electromechanical we perform the entire operation of transporting a box to another place,” said Adrian Segovia.


He commented that the work with different automotive assemblers such as Chrysler, Audi, Nissan, Volkswagen, and Tiers 1, each one with different needs, such as GPR’s which are racks to supply materials and intelligent stations; LCA Stations (Low Cost Automatization) to move materials with pneumatic systems, among other solutions.


Nevertheless, their products are also marketed within the food industry, pharmaceutical and of home appliances, with clients such as Unilever, Mabe and Whirlpool.

“We currently export to Brazil, Costa Rica and we are about to be exporting to Colombia, the United States, France and sometimes we export to England materials manufactured here from Trilogiq Mexico.  20 % of our sales are of exportation,” said Adrian Segovia.


Trilogiq Mexico has facilities also in Saltillo, Coahuila, being Queretaro the corporate venue in our country, place that has been reference in the business group, since from the 19 subsidiaries in Germany, Europe and South America, Mexico has the second place in productivity and sales.

“For us the growth we have had has been very important because we always were in the top 5, but right now is a pride for Mexico to be in the second place, even above our corporate in sales,” underlined the directive.


Our workforce in Mexico is formed by 43 employees.  “We have had good luck in all the people that works here, I think is the indicated one and obviously as part of the company we provide training,” assured the operations director, emphasizing that their processes are ruled by the ISO quality standard.


He concluded saying that there is a project to acquire a CNC and optimize foams production, devices in which delicate pieces are housed.  They are also developing a new boiler works, to manufacture hybrid systems.