With an investment of more than 682.5 million pesos, Grupo SaarGummi, Chinese company, announced the expansion of a plant in Queretaro for the manufacturing of rubber profiles, windows and trunk.  With which they will be generating more than 1,100 jobs in the entity.


“Of course we have plants everywhere, in Asia, Europe and America; we want to work with all cultures.  It is a very important expansion for us, SaarGummi has 70 years, it has had a steady development and it has always worked in the automotive sector,” said Achim Gier, operations director of Grupo SaarGummi.


This Group with presence in more than 13 countries around Europe, America and Asia and it has 16 plants, it will strength the value chain from the automotive sector, in addition of supporting the plastics clusters.


“We have followed the call of our clients Volkswagen, Mercedes and others here in Mexico who wanted us to establish a company here.  Values are very important for us, what is growth, but also stability values.  The automotive sector is very stable and is growing even more in Mexico and I think that with the industry, the government and people in Queretaro, we can expand even more in the future,” said Achim Gier.


While the secretary of Sustainable Development, Marco Del Prete highlighted that 10 % of the exportations, as well as 1 % of State exportations are from Chinese origin.  He also commented that the role represented by China to Queretaro being the second country of importing origin in the Entity.


“As for 2017 we had received 1.3 million gradually and we had reported 10 Chinese companies that are mainly established in machinery and mechanical materials trade; and with the arrival of SaarGummi we are entering the manufacturing industry, and the Chinse capital starts to participate directly in the manufacturing industry,” concluded the secretary.