Executives of Walmart Mexico invited members of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry, Nuevo Leon Delegation to participate as commercial partners in this year’s projects.


The Walmart entourage explained the builders the way in which tenders of the new works projects are made, maintenance or remodeling of the distribution centers and offices, assuring that there are extensive activities in which they can enter as suppliers.


“We have installed a good units base, present in the 32 states of the country, our intention here is to interact with you and have new commercial collaborators,” said Hugo Franc Ramirez, director of General Purchases and Internal Consumption, who added that they sought to create a regional partnership with members of CMIC in the entity.


Meanwhile Jose Francisco Gutierrez, president of CMIC NL, anticipated that Walmart will be making an important investment, which also gathers different conditions analyzed by them, such as, that the company appears in the GDP contribution list nationally and is the second in tax contributions.


Gutierrez said that Walmart representatives are interested in contacting the State constructors because they know their capabilities and they are interested in investing here,” he ended.


During 2017 Walmart Mexico sales had a 6.3 % growth regarding 2016.  Walmart profits in Mexico and Central America increased in 19.5 % regarding the previous year, going from 33 thousand 352 million pesos to 39 thousand 865 million pesos.