Trans-Matic is an American company headquartered in Holland Michigan, founded 1960 by Pat Thompson, who worked in the metal-mechanic sector on the Chicago area and decided to create his own business and move to Michigan.
“It is a classic American history where one person begins in a small workshop and ends in a company with operations in China, two plants in the United States and this plant in Mexico, located in Santa Catarina, Nuevo Leon; it started operations in 2016,” said Javier Gallegos Miranda, general manager of Trans-Matic Mexico.
The activity of the company is metal-mechanic, it manufactures pieces through high precision deep stamping and has a great proportion of parts addressed to oxygen sensors and air conditioning, sent to companies such as DENSO, Emerson, Copland and Robert Busch.

The plant exports about 35 % of the production and the rest remains in the country.  It currently stamps about 200,000 pieces per day and more than three and a half million pieces per month, increasing its production in 45 % since its start-up.
“As of a customer engineering draft we design the entire process transformation, start a cut and from certain stamping steps some deformations are generated until reaching the final product,” explained Gallegos.

Among the supplies it uses for its production highlight stainless steel, aluminum and red metals such as copper and brass.  Its main suppliers are from the United States and Japan, although they also have some local suppliers.
Trans-Matic has a 74,000 square feet plant in which 57 employees work so far in two shifts six days a week and it hopes to expand in the upcoming five years.
Regarding personnel training, the manager explained that they receive particular training, but regarding operative personnel they have the position “Toolmaker,” in which they replicate a training Holland system, in which they have people with certain technical knowledge dedicated to learn, providing them continuous training.
“Regarding 2018 closure I can tell you it was a growth year, although not too high due to political environment.  This year we anticipate a very good growth level and we will begin a couple of projects with Robert Bosch and some others about to be defined.  In 2018 we update to ISO9001 2015 version and this year we approved the audit for IATF certification, which was granted to us in March,” he added.

Finally, Gallegos said that Trans-Matic is looking to make the work to reach ISO 14000, as they have a pieces washing operation and are working on water treatment issues, as they want to use less and settle a purification plant to help them avoid specially water containment issues.
“Trans-Matic is looking to make a name here in Mexico.  We have a great business opportunity and I believe we are a good option for other companies inside the automotive industry,” he ended.