The company Sandvik Coromant, a specialist in cutting and machining solutions, as well as the development and innovation in metal cutting, announced that through the incorporation of the exchangeable drill bit CoroDrill DS20 7xD, the company SKF, located in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, achieved a 98 % increase in productivity.

According to Sandvik Coromant, SKF participated in pilot tests of a new CoroDrill DS20 4 – 7xD drill bit, a product which is the result of seven years of work.

“SKF experience with Sandvik Coromant has been till then positive since it has allowed it to reduce to 50 minutes the 8 hours required before to complete a gears cut process. Besides, the company needed to compete in a market with downward pricing and the complexity of products upward. Therefore, they quickly needed a solution to reduce costs and gain speed in the drilling process,” referred Sandvik Coromant.

The product was a bearing for a wind turbine with a diameter of three meters. Its production will require specialized mechanized centers, in which two machines had to drill holes simultaneously with a 39 mm to 231 mm depths on a 42CrMo4 crown, to a total of 92 holes.

Although the pieces were produced with customized 6.7xD drill bit, the longitude of the tool added an instability plus to the process and the production was interrupted continuously because of the break of plaques.

David Gutierrez, production engineer responsible for the process, had to face the uncertainty of not knowing how much time plates will last, some drill speeds of only 102 mm and continue stops to avoid damage to the tools, machine or the piece.

“We are talking about very expensive pieces, due to their size. We had to closely control the process to avoid the tool or piece suffer damages. Therefore, we sought more efficient and quick options, with the best price per piece,” added Valdemar Garza, engineer director in the plant.

During 2017, drill experts from Sandvik Coromant got the solution: with the CoroDrill DS20 7xD drill pit. According to Arely Sanchez, drill specialists from Sandvik Coromant present during the process, a total of three tests were fulfilled.

On actual data, they showed a 100 % increase in service lasting of the tool (compared with the drill pit used by SKF) and a 98 % increase of productivity, calculated as the relation between the amount of eliminated material and time necessary to produce each piece.

“This implies some demanding cutting conditions, few tool changes and superior life,” referred Sanchez. “With this level of productivity, we can manufacture more components per day or year.”

In May 2019, SKF received 10 drill pit bodies, 200 plates for centers and 300 periphery plates for a long path testing. Since then, CoroDrill DS20 7xD has introduced a real change in production paradigms.

Valdemar Garza, engineer director of the plant, says that the “advantage of this tool is that besides increasing the speed in cutting and reduce cycle time (to half time than the previous cycle,) it costs the same as a tool from the previous generation."

Finally, he also underlined the increase in machine capability and the possibility for the company to program its maintenance and covers the losses of operators without the need to draw upon more hours.

“This drill pit provides us the adaptability to manage resources in different manners, without scarifying the machine performance nor make it work without a rest,” he noted.