The Pesqueria II project progress as planned in the construction to expand the Ternium Industrial Center; the work represents a total investment of 1,420 million pesos for the next 3 years and a half, distributed among the two coating line that includes galvanized and paint, and the hot rolled line.

With this new equipment is sought to reinforce and expand the range the company has for the manufacturing of high resistance advanced steels for the automotive industry, as they are the main supplier of this material within Mexico’s industry and of the heavy transportation area which are strategic points for the country’s growth.

“This investment was thought to accompany the technological evolution of steel products for the following 20 years, in which is included the creation of a new hot roller and Skin Pass line, as well as a coated steels to generate high industrial range products,” said Cesar Jimenez, executive president of Ternium Mexico.

The facilities located in the municipality of Pesqueria, Nuevo Leon have last generation productive lines that allow developing high added value steel products.  The new works will have 7 thousand tons of structure steel that will be distributed in 5 main industrial buildings and peripheral buildings.

“The new equipment reinforce and expand the variety Ternium offers for the manufacturing of high resistance advanced steels for the automotive industry, since we are the main steel supplier for this industry in the country; as well as of heavy transportation, two strategic areas for Mexico’s growth,” said Jimenez.

This phase 2 of construction is located inside the 437 hectares that includes the property of the Ternium Industrial Center on one side of the existing industrial buildings that cover 153 hectares of construction.

“We believe that Pesqueria is an industrial development pole in the State, since 2013 when we installed the Terniun Industrial Center the municipality has received other companies,” said the directive.

In addition, Cesar Jimenez detailed that during the expansion process they are working with 4 thousand employees directly and indirectly and 1,150 work positions will be generated with what they contribute to the economy of the Mexican society, especially from Nuevo Leon.

On the other hand, Jimenez underlined that this Ternium Industrial Center is the first iron and steel complex that was born under a sustainable concept since its design in 2010.  “Currently it is the first flat products plant that obtains the LEED certification (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) in the country, same granted by the U.S. Green Buildings Council; this accreditation mainly assess sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy efficiency, materials and natural resources preservation, interior environment quality, in addition of innovation and design,” he noted.

The plant approved also titles as Clean Industrial Certification from the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa, by its Spanish initials); the recognition as Clean Industrial Park by Profepa in 2017, which is important to highlight that there another three plants that have this certification in Mexico; while SEMARNAT issued Ternium in 2018 the accreditation of Environmental Excellence.

Likewise, the Escuela Tecnica Roberto Rocca, a project from Ternium Foundation for Education, also located in Pesqueria, received this year the LEED Gold certification for its design, construction and facilities, as well as the efficient use of energy and resources.

Production for 2019

The new galvanized and paint lines will be intended to the manufacturing of high range steel to satisfy the needs of the sophisticated industry such as the automotive mainly.

Ternium’s president explained that the galvanized line will have an annual production of 350 thousand tons and will enter in activities as of the second trimester of 2019; while in the paint line its production will be of 120 thousand tons and will be launched as of the first trimester of the next year; and finally the hot roller line is estimated to start operating in mid-2020, this will allow expanding the products’ offer of the company and substitute high value imports therefore its yearly production is estimated in 4 million tons.

Environmental commitment; a Ternium bet

As part of the responsibility the company has with the environment, the Ternium Industrial Center has an ecologic reserve of 99 hectares, which equals 25 % of the property land in which it is built in Pesqueria.  In addition they fulfill a rescue of more than 32,500 flora and fauna specimens from the area among oaks, trees and shrubs in the area that will be used for gardening and green areas, including 26 hectares where there is native grass.


“The project currently fulfilled by the company is part of the long term vision we have in Ternium.  We will continue betting on the country’s development through the investments in high quality products and of our commitment with the environment; at the Largos Puebla plant we are installing a fumes and dusts aspiration system that will help having a better environmental performance.  With this investment of 30 million dollars the environmental plan is closed in steelworks and ads to the 74 million dollars invested in environmental improvement at Guerrero plant in 2016,” the directive ended.