From August 29th to 31st the Industrial Summit Forum and Expo 2017 was held in Monterrey, an event addressed to specialists, strategists and decision makers from the most important companies in the sector for the implementation of Industrial Parks in Mexico.

The Industrial Summit 2017 has had as an objective since its first editions to promote Mexico’s industrial development.  On it, were developed trending issues and opportunities from the industry in addition of having the presence of different recognized personalities from the industrial, business and government sector.  This time the Forum had about 50 stands from participating companies of sectors such as industrial parks, construction, equipment, human capital, insurance companies, SEDECOS, energy, sustainability, logistics, transportation, technology and innovation 4.0


Online Sales are growing


Federico Cantu, vice-president of Market from Prologis for Monterrey and Juarez, commented during one of the entrepreneurs’ panels that the growth and development of industrial parks in Nuevo Leon has been also promoted by the electronic commercial growth in the market.

The directive mentioned that only in 2016, operations of electronic commerce in the country exceeded seven thousand million dollars and assured that for 2019 is anticipated to exceed the barrier of 12 thousand million pesos.

“The growth of the electronic commerce implies an increased use of warehouses and distribution centers that generally used near cities to provide a better service to our buyers,” he said.

The expert considered that in Mexico’s case the electronic commerce is slowly strengthening and it represents about 2 % of sales being made, while in countries more familiarized is about 10 %.


Learning from challenges


Directives from the most important industrial developers in Mexico agreed that if the “Trump Effect” had some immediate reactions in the first months of the year, the industrial sector is being normalized and they assured that they learned valuable lessons from that situation.

“It is important to diversify.  Today there are many automotive clients, but it is important to attract other clients also.  These challenge times also bring opportunities and it is fundamental to know how to take advantage of them,” said Michele Porrino, executive director of WTC Industrial.

The expert added that since his point of view, world economy also went through a State of little dynamics, what decreased the national economic activity, although he made clear that the effects were different for each area of the country and even some areas continued growing during the entire process.