Produces High Quality Stationary Tanks in Mexico


Founded on April 1983, Maquinado de Equipos y Tanques SA de CV (Metsa) is a Mexican company with its headquarters in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, dedicated to the production of propane gas stationary tanks and its accessories for residential and commercial use.

Metsa belongs to Grupo RG, a propane gas distributor.  The company was founded originally to integrate the manufacturing of distribution tanks to the company; afterwards, the direction changed strategy and became a company with greater autonomy for manufacturing and sale of products to third parties.

Metsa has one plant in Mexico located in Cienega de Flores, Nuevo Leon, where 88 employees produce about 80 tons of steel per week and transform them on tanks of different sizes.

Robert Kenney, plant manager, said that the company decided to establish its operations in Nuevo Leon due to its proximity to the border, highly qualified workforce, a strong suppliers’ base and because its founders operate from Monterrey.

“The company has doubled its sales in its past three years and we want to duplicate that number in 2019.  Our products are exported mainly to countries such as the United States, Canada, the Central and South America region, as well as some Caribbean Islands and Dubai,” he explained.

Regarding their supplies, Kenney added that steel represents 80 % of the raw material and is locally manufactured.  Among its main suppliers standout Altos Hornos de Mexico, Medidores Internacionales Rochester and ECI REGO.

“The manufacturing method of our product begins when we receive the steel coils and we send them to be straighten and cut.  Afterwards we bring them to our facilities and we roll them on a cylinder we name bodies.  Later, we weld the joint and make a “flange” on the edges to facilitate coupling.  We assemble the bodies with two elliptical covers we shape in our pressing plant; we apply a circumferential welding, we assembly the couplings and accessories and submit it to a hydrostatic pressure test.  As the product is released, we blast and paint it with electrostatic powder painting.  At the end, we assembly the valves and meters and fulfill a last pneumatic test before purging the air tank for it to be easily filled at the first attempt,” explained Kenney.

The manager said that the workforce of Cienega de Flores is highly capable of performing quality jobs, therefore they use welders and machinists to achieve first quality products.

“We understand gas and propane tanks are highly dangerous; therefore, we take safety and quality extremely serious, with a top-class team,” he noted.

Finally, Kenney said that the company is ending an expansion they started at the beginning of 2018 and added that among other projects they are exploring the commercialization of their complete capability, what includes products beyond gas tanks.

Metsa has ASME certification for the building of boilers and pressure recipients and the NOM Mexican certification for the manufacturing of such recipients.