Leader in steel towers manufacturing


SAE Towers de Mexico started operations about 20 years ago in the municipality of Escobedo, Nuevo Leon; it is about a completely integrated plant dedicated to the production of towers for high tension lines and conical trunk posts.    

The plant has 70,000 square meters of land and has industrial buildings of about 30,000 meters of construction, where basically three transformation processes took place.

“One is the transmission lines, other is the plant where we bend the plate to make poles that make the same function and, finally, we have a galvanized plant, which is the coating for retarding or protect steel or iron against corrosion which is our raw material,” said Guillermo Luna, general director of SAE Towers Mexico.

Regarding the company’s production, the directive indicated that currently they have the capability of transforming about 36,000 tons of steel between poles and towers, representing these last ones a 70 % and 30 % respectively.

“In a normal year, half of what we manufacture is exported to the United States and Canada, the rest is manufactured for Mexico.  Basically we supply North America and eventually Central America,” he added.

The SAE Towers corporate is settled in the United States, but is 100 % Controlled by the Indian company KEC, which is located in Mumbai and is the largest company worldwide in manufacture and installing of these products.

The SAE Towers Mexico plants were born in other property in the municipality of Escobedo and since its installation was proposed, the need of exporting to the United States and Canada was anticipated.

“It was decided to install the plant in Nuevo Leon for its geographic location and also the issue of raw materials supply, as lot of our raw material comes from Monclova, from AHMSA and from a couple of local manufacturers in Monterrey,” Luna assured.

The directive added that for five years the poles capability increase, moving from 300 to 1,000 tons per month, while in the last years have been renewed the team for more efficient technology, of new generation with less failures.

“Probably 70 % of the raw materials are of local market, the rest are importing because they cannot be found here.  Some measures in particular or steel specifications that we have to bring to the United States and even in Europe,” he explained.

About the workforce in SAE Towers, the directive commented that it is about qualified personnel, who use the numeric control machines; therefore all operators must start from training on its use.

“In other areas, as welding, we have to certify our operators for them to be capable of operate with the norms and quality required by our customers, therefore they are subjected to an initial test and a training during their stay at SAE to guarantee their work quality,” he noted.

Finally, Luna indicated that they are currently with two CFE megaprojects, in case of concreting them; they will bring an investment in renewing equipment to increase the production volume of the plant, which will occur during the first trimester of 2018.



SAE Towers is a group of companies constituted in the United States, Mexico and Brazil, consolidated through SAE Towers Holdings, LLC.  In September 2010, SAE Towers was acquired by KEC International Ltd., one of the largest suppliers of structures for energy transmission and related services worldwide.  This acquisition created the largest manufacturer of steel lattice towers in the world, with approximately 311,200 tons of annual production capability.