Hofusan Park: New projects are confirmed


The province of Zhejiang, China together with the State of Nuevo Leon signed a Memorandum of Understanding, aimed to strengthen the economic cooperation, promote business opportunities and attract new investment projects to the Hofusan Industrial Park.

The agreement was signed by the secretary of Economy and Labor in Nuevo Leon, Fernando Turner Davila and the Chief of the Commerce Department from the province of Zhejiang, Chen Guorong, after recognizing the objective of that in a first stage, at least one group of 10 Asian companies could be installed in this industrial park, located in the municipality of Salinas Victoria.

During his message, the head of the Ministry of Economy and Labor, assured that Nuevo Leon has many strengths and is an advanced technology state, due to its geographic location, its proximity to the United States market, its universities, workforce and business mentality.

“The State’s location is very good and is the passing route of 80 % of the Mexican production towards the United States,” said the state official.  He added that these agreements have as an objective to attract more investment from Chinese companies to Nuevo Leon.

“Almost 3,500 foreign capital companies are installed in Nuevo Leon in almost all production areas and of service, but only few Chinese companies.  It is a great opportunity to improve,” said the head of the Ministry of Economy and Labor.

On his part, the chief of the Commerce Department division of Zhejiang, Chen Guorong explained the existing interest to attract new projects from sectors such as the manufacturing and energy industries to the Hofusan Industrial Park.

“The main objective of our visit is to promote the economic exchange between Zhejiang and Nuevo Leon, especially, we want to encourage companies to invest at the Hofusan Industrial Park,” said the high Asian official.

The chief of the Commerce Department of Zhejiang announced that two companies already confirmed their intention to invest in Nuevo Leon, by installing plants in the automotive sector and other in the brewery industry, inside the Hofusan Industrial Park.

Finally, Samuel Pena Guzman, undersecretary of Investment and Industrial Promotion in Nuevo Leon, announced the opening of the first Nuevo Leon promotion office in China, which opened its doors last March.