The Chamber of the Transformation Industry in Nuevo Leon announced their forecasts for 2019, based in the official information from the different indicators that affect manufacturing performance at state and national level.  Within the state sector the GDP of Nuevo Leon will have a sustained growth on its production although at a slower pace after the rebound present during 2017 and 2018.

The industrial sector will keep a growth similar to the one from 2018, as there will be higher certainty from the Trade Agreement and a potential internal reactivation.  Regarding employment a lower dynamism will be present, after a growing trend last year and the generation of 60 thousand positions will be kept on different sectors.

While as an outlook for the country CAINTRA assured that the manufacturing production will accelerate before an exporting sector that continues progressing and an internal sector that is kept and that could be reactivated, therefore the industrial growth of the United States will be a catalyzer of the demand of Mexican manufactured products.

The inflation will locate in the objective range from Banxico for the closing year of 2019 and anticipated that there is a factor stated that could generate a higher delay to convergence; highlighting potential increases in energy pricing and side effects generated due to the exchange rate.