Henniges Automotive Sealing Systems


The company supplier of high engineering automotive sealing systems, recognized as one of the most important three in its sector worldwide, celebrates this year its twentieth anniversary in Jalisco, although it was not until 2007 that it started operating under the name of Henniges Automotive Sealing Systems.


Through last generation equipment, the plant in Zapopan dedicates to the manufacturing of seals for doors, windows, sunburn and trunks for some of the main brands in the automotive industry such as General Motors, Ford, Volkswagen, BMW, Nissan, Renault, Seat and Tesla.


“In this plant we manage sealing systems and the anti-vibration part is concentrated in La Comarca area,” said Jesus Luna, plant manager, who added that the main processes are the one of extrusion and of finishing, where the assembly of all the parts is done to have the final product.


The company also has facilities located in Torreon and Gomez Palacio; likewise it has five technical centers and 19 plants strategically distributed in Europe, Asia and America.


In recent years, the work center located in Jalisco has grown strongly thanks to the investment of the company in technology and training, which has meant an increase of the workforce in the last two years.  “This means that our corporate is betting in continuing doing things right,” said the manager.


On the other hand, Deiva Jaramillo Rodriguez, human resources manager, said that the company seeks its workers’ specialization, therefore it invest in different training strategies to guarantee its continuous training.


“The company opts to invest in the professional development of its workers, from the technical formation, professional, postgraduate or whatever is needed to let them grow inside the organization.  We will be supplying the knowledge we want our employees to have,” he explained.


Jaramillo Rodriguez said that all its employees in administrative areas are bilingual, thanks to the accompaniment of the company also in issues as English classes and soft-skills.


The plant has different certifications, among which ISO 14000, ISO TS 16949, C-TPAT, OEA and NEEC.


Short and medium term plans include an expansion of productive processes, accompanied by a moderate increase in offered positions.  Likely seeking for efficiency will be prioritized in different operative and administrative areas.


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Henniges Automotive Sealing Systems

Number of employees: 924

Facilities: 5,000 square meters

Capital: American

Activity: anti-vibration and sealing systems