In total, Jalisco was participated at the CES 2019 with 10 companies to show their most recent technological developments


During the last years, the state of Jalisco has developed the innovation and of high technology industry, positioning as the entity that has grown the most on this sector.  Actually, Jalisco is considered as the Mexican Silicon Valley.


Within this ecosystem participate companies from all sizes related with the automotive sector, aerospace and health, to mention a few, as well as the academy and government.


That is why, the technological talent of Jalisco was present at Mexico’s pavilion of the most important technology fair worldwide: Consumer Electronic Show 2019 (CES 2019), at Las Vegas, Nevada.


The participation grew regarding national companies present with 30 startups (20 attended last year.)  from them, 10 were from Jalisco, which achieved strategic alliances and leads with international companies.


Manuel Gutierrez Novelo, Jalisco inventor of Virtual Reality and of a device found in all Blu-Ray 3D and, in addition creator of more than 45 patents, member of the Industrial Cluster 4.0, talked exclusively for Mexico industry on the challenges they held during the CES 2019.


“We presented technologies already selected through a very strict process at the Consumer Electronic Show 2019 (CES 2019) and which was covered with the requirements to be here presenting; therefore, all technologies we have are having a great role and are representing Mexico very well, we are very proud of what we are doing of the presence we have and the way we are positioning Mexico,” said the businessmen.


He said that they asked all participating businessmen to have a statistical count of potential customers and suppliers: “what is called here leads or the different business opportunities, between customers, suppliers and investors or partners and there is a great response of some of them, it is by stages, by bursts, suddenly many people is coming and specifically asking for technology they cannot believe what we are doing in Mexico, they ask for information.”


Gutierrez Novelo was satisfied and proud for what was done this year and announced that MXenCES pavilion will appear again in 2020 and underlined the follow-up they will have with exhibitors.

“We are pleased to announce at the Cluster that we are ready and signed the necessary contracts through the Cluster 4.0 for 2020, but what follows is all that there is on the sector, we have to provide businessmen with an important process, we will present them a plan to follow-up customers and suppliers, to close businesses, review their companies, review infrastructure and see it has what is needed to export, we will follow-up as personal dial, one to one, with all businessmen requiring it,” he explained.




Jalisco was present in Las Vegas with 10 technological companies that were well visited on their stands at the pavilion MXenCES.


Mexico Industry talked with some of the representatives from the most visited companies, among them Proactible, Synx, Xplor ADN, Strap Technologies and Black Light.


Diego Roel from Jalisco, debuted at his 17 years of age at the Consumer Electronic Show 2019 by presenting the product from his company Strap Technologies, which helps blind people identifying obstacles thanks to a technological device.


“Strap Technologies is a technologies company revolutionizing how blind people explore the world and this is done through our developed wearable, which is mounted on the chest and detects any kind of obstacle around, obstacles on the head, the chest or feet, including stairs, bumps and edges, all this thanks to an artificial intelligence with vision sensors, this allow us determining any obstacle at front, through a vibration that tells the user when colliding with something,” said the young technologist.


Another company helping society with technology and robotics is Proactible, creator of advanced prothesis.  Jorge Luis Perez, staff doctor, explained the benefits they provide their customers with.


“Proactible is a company dedicated to the manufacturing and settlement of lower limbs, not only that, a previous follow-up to the placement is provided, its design and future follow-up, a preprosthetic and postprosthetic therapy, a complete follow-up is provided since the arrival of the patient, until they learn how to use the prothesis,” he detailed.


Genetic prevention diseases can also be controlled thanks to the work of Gerardo Velasco, director of Xplor ADN, who talked us about the benefits of their study.


“Xplor ADN is focused on solving one of the main challenges of preventing some of the diseases and physical conditions attacking Mexicans,” he said.


Particularly, he said the company drags and analyses people’s DNA and once this genetic code is read it is compared to identify polymorphisms and perform an anticipated determination of obesity prevention, type 2 diabetes, and also to determine which is the suitable exercise to improve the efficiency and performance on a gymnasium, in function of the genetical code.


“It is a company we founded almost two years ago, we are already in the production point,” he said.


Meanwhile, Synx is a technological finance startup (Fintech) that provides a specialized service to companies that have big amounts of data, to seek algorithms that help solving any problem.


Oscar Terrazas, commercial director, explained the benefits Synx has.


“We are a company helping companies making implementation of artificial intelligence – machine learning – to obtain the best from data sets they already have, this is working with companies that have many and that have not been able to drag the necessary or suitable value based on the amount and history they have.  We can help them, either they have some specific objective, apply certain mathematic algorithms and statistical to find relations, groups,” he specified.


Another company that was very proud of their results on CES 2019 was Black Light, creator of a chip that provides follow-up to any product inside the supply chain, avoiding falsification, Jorge Jarquin, general director, opened its scenario to make business worldwide.


“It opened my eyes regarding the size of business Black Light can obtain.  What do I mean? I had several approaches from people of different countries such as Japan, Chile, France and England, in fact there are people from around the world at CES, many of them gave great meaning to what we are doing at Black Light,” he ended.