During the 1st General Assembly Index Occidente 2019, the new president in charge of the Association of Maquila and Manufacturing Industries for two years Cesar Castro, was announced.


Luis Aguirre Lang, president of the National Council Index is fully trust Castro since he has an excellent profile and has successfully led other organisms.


“I am very happy, I think Cesar will be a reinforcement due to the experience he has in this industry, on a very important year of big challenges, but also of opportunities, our industry, the entire regulatory frame, that shapes it and the operation depends on the Federal Government, mainly of the executive power and we have been making approaching actions since December, presenting proposals, challenges and opportunities we see and for this export industry continues to be the most competitive and productive industry in the country, those are not my words, INEGI states this and also the Federal Ministry of Labor and that today, in October we are exceeding the barrier of the three million of direct jobs.  We have a very important growth of 6.5 % regarding last year, about exporting issues, despite all uncertainties, very happy of this new stage of Index Occidente with Cesar Castro, he said.


Although the sworn in ceremony will be held until the 2nd general assembly, Cesar Castro, who also is the director of logistics and government affairs of Jabil was committed to continue growing this industry.


“It is an opportunity to serve the sector, I was on the national level leadership, I was in CANIETI, today I am in Index Occidente, I believe that this experience will serve to add and make Index an organism with strong muscles and that is well represented at Jalisco level,” he noted.


Meanwhile the former president, Federico Chavez underlined his entire labor for three years and now he will be a key piece as advisor for Index nacional.


“I am very pleased with the results, we are the Association with more people on its meetings with an average of 180 people or 140 in the worst scenario, this in fact has never happened, it is my leadership and from the Association, that redound in Jalisco growing, getting stronger and obviously the country,” he ended.