Through a virtual reality cabin Happinss, high technology company transports in five minutes workers from any industry to a natural landscape of 360 grades, which combined with music, and breathing techniques reduces the stress and increases productivity.

Happins has the support of specialists certified in VR from Stanford University in the United States and the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM.)

“It is a solution based on virtual reality to help decreasing stress levels, anxiety or even depression, by taking users into an immerse experience combined with nature, music therapy, guided meditation and breathing techniques,” said Rodrigo Padilla Navarro general director and cofounder of Happinss.

“An important part in this world are clinical testing, having advisors such as PhD Walter Greenleaf, from Stanford University, virtual reality mental health guru, who has more than 30 years in research, he helped us with the scientific protocol, and we also have doctor Georgina Cardenas from the UNAM, to develop testing with great results.”

Padilla Navarro detailed the benefits they generate after being hired by big corporates like HP, Banregio, CEMEX, Amdocs, IJALTI, Government offices and more leads they are about to close.

“There are many added values, first, how we are directly affecting people’s mental health, the first thing to do is helping decreasing stress, when you decrease stress there are several positive effects, from improving labor environment, interpersonal relations, improves the approach thinking on the here and now, By achieving this, people get more productive and there are fewer diseases,” he said.

“We are in talks with several sectors, such as manufacturing industry and maquila there is too much stress and we want least is to have an accident due to stress, with this we could help avoiding tragedies, and in fact this helps in much with focus concentration.”

Happinss general director explained the accompaniment process done with each company requiring their services.

“We have a comprehensive plan, it is a cultural change that will be implemented, we take companies by hand, first we culturally address the company, take them conferences, the Happins Days, then we have the launching of the cabins and make a communication previous program in order to communicate through emails the benefits of all the elements we use,” he ended.