Sinec Technologies is one of the few Mexican companies dedicated to electronic assembly.  Founded in 2015, the company distinguishes for the high training of its workers.


“It was born as a company dedicated to provide training and IPC certification services.  The philosophy Sinec Technologies has is that the personnel working here is the base for everything,” said Miguel Acosta, sales manager of the Mexican firm.


“The personnel is the most important thing the company has.  Anyone can buy machines, but the people, with the qualification level they have thanks to the training we provide them with, that is priceless,” he added.


Another strength of the company is the flexibility to be adapted to its customers’ needs and the competitive prices they manage, thanks to being a smaller company, the internal communication flows almost immediately.


Sinec Technologies dedicates a specific area to support entrepreneurial projects.  “That is how we return the favor to the society,” said the interviewer.


On the other hand, he explained that the company has ambitious plans for this 2018.  “We are 60 workers in all areas, by the end of the year we will be 200 collaborators, said the sales manager.


In addition, say they are prepared to serve the needs of the aerospace Industry, automotive, energy, medical and defense, with services that go from PCB assemble and cables, to design, test development and training programs.


Another plan at medium term is to become an OEM company, for that they are already being developing different prototypes, said Mirva Roininen, responsible of marketing at Sinec Technologies.  Meanwhile, the expansion also is part of the strategy, aimed to establish a second plant in the Bajio area.


For 2018 the company will manufacture about 500,000 electronic cards, while the projection for 2019 will be at least of two million cards.  “The installed capacity as of today in our plant is to manufacture 10 million cards per year, to the complexity level we have today,” said the chief of sales.


The automotive sector is the great bet of the company; therefore they will seek to consolidate as the first Mexican Company in serving the most representative companies in this industry.


Currently, two American companies from the automotive and industrial sectors are already waiting for Sinec Technologies to start operations; same will be given in the first semester of the ongoing year.  This operation will mean about 30 % of the plant use, leaving open spaces to serve other customers.


Sinec Technologies has ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949 certifications and at the moment they are working in gather the IATF certification for the automotive sector and afterwards the needs to work with the aerospace and medical industry.


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Sinec Technologies

Number of workers: 60

Start of operations: 2015

Facilities: 5,260 square meters

Activity: Electronic manufacturing

Capital: Mexican