GEODIS is a supply chain operator, currently it is recognized as one of the best worldwide.  It is part of Grupo SNCF, with in the Logistics sector.


“Global supply chain demands a complex relation management, which includes materials suppliers, logistics partners and different customs brokers on each country.  The correct information shared at the right moment sounds simple, but it is a concept difficult to achieve without the right technology and processes,” said Sergio Nunez, Supply Chain Optimization Director, Mexico.


Settled in Mexico since 2009, the French company launched its Center of Excellence (CoE) in 2017 located in Guadalajara, through which was sought optimizing its services for their customers in the American Continent.  Meanwhile, it has direct presence in 67 countries and operations in 120.


CoE Guadalajara specializes in three business lines: Freight Forwarding, storage and domestic distribution (Contract Logistics) and in Supply Chain Optimization or SCO.


In addition, in other regions GEODIS works the Distribution & Express and Road Transport areas.  The company specializes in providing attention to high technology industries, aerospace and petroleum and gas, as well of the automotive and retail sectors among others.


Guadalajara is one of the three Centers of Excellence that the SCO business line has around the world.  Regarding this, Eric St. Amand, vice-president for America region, said that Mexico represents an ideal location to serve the American market.


“Guadalajara has been a strategic place to have place with the skills to manage our main functions of the supply chain and customer service, as well as our support activities related with Big Data management, business intelligence, logistics engineering and financial services,” he said.


CoE has facilities of more than 1,600 square meters and hosts top of the line software technologies to provide strategic outsourcing services for supply chain planning, management and visibility of the supply chain, as well as the corresponding audit processes.


“When this technology is combined with processes tailored for each customer it becomes a corner stone for digital transformation and operational excellence,” said Federico Chavez Dominguez, Supply Chain Security Director.


“Data is the new currency in digital world.  Our tools allow our customers consolidate their data into a single set of systems to provide complete visibility and become orchestrators of their own supply chain,” he said.


The directive said that some of the benefits include the reduction in manufacturing process disruptions, time cycles optimization, compliance and in general a better visibility and follow-up of the entire supply chain, together with a close collaboration with the customer.


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Name: GEODIS Supply Chain Optimization Mexico

Number of employees: 220

Start of operations: 2009

Facilities: 2,600 m2 of offices and 24,000 warehouses

Capital: French

Activity: Supply Chain Services