Aiming to demonstrate its members' innovation can reinvent their business and make it grow exponentially, the Chamber of the Footwear Industry in the state of Guanajuato (CICEG, by its Spanish initials) offered the conference “Innovation: the Art of Inventing the Future.”


This lecture was addressed to directives, managers, and CEOs from footwear companies and was taught by Luigi Valdes Buratti, speaker, and leader of business thinking, who talked with 80 attendees about the importance of the creativity aiming to generate ideas and strategies for the development and transformation of the business model.


He asked businessmen about what they have to do to see a business opportunity and what do they want to make with it since these questions divert the future, strategy, and mission of the brand.


“Many times companies do not realize its expiration date, that is why they continuously reinvent themselves to be valid in the market. Creativity has become the art of finding hidden connections and from that success results,” he said.


He explained participants that, currently the average age of Mexicans is about 27 years old and to reach that kind of market, they have to understand and know what they are looking for and/or need since technology has changed the game rules and this age group population communicates differently.


For that reason, he said that the third screen revolutionizes the way of reaching consumers, besides it allows direct interaction, customers that can communicate among them and share information in real-time, which is why the challenge of marketing strategies is intended to mobile commerce transformation.


“It is important to identify the ideal moment to take technology as an ally, where and when you what to implement it. It is to continuously reinvent yourself for the business to last,” Valdes noted.


The speaker also referred that it is important to invest in the company because wanting to generate value, infrastructure has to exist, which later becomes an exponential benefit for the company.


He said that the meaning of evolving is to progress and continuously develop; while revolutionizing causes a total change, a situation in which many companies arrive when there is no other reason left; and with the digitalization in the process it can be faster.


Luigi Valdes Buratti noted that social networking has become disruptive elements at the moment of contributing to the purchase of a product, that is why he assured businessmen the importance of questioning which elements and characters affect this process.


“The main causes why someone purchases a product is for its quality and service, shipment expenses, opinions and valuations, simplicity in the purchase process, availability. But it is also for those using this kind of product and how much influence and position they have in the market,” he noted.