In order to encourage the intrapreneurship of Guanajuato companies, the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (CANACINTRA, by its Spanish initials) Leon and the Agrobioteg, signed an agreement to work together in this mission.


The objective is centered on technological transfer promotion, encourage spaces for innovation, having the help of specialized mentors and link between already formed companies with startups; all this to create value tools that bet on the economic growth, richness generation and employment in the state.


Roberto Gonzalez Martinez, president of CANACINTRA Leon, said that the agreement signing comes from the interest of the organism in having a strategy to encourage the levels of competitiveness and productivity in local companies.


“Now more than ever we need to bet on that, the economic situation makes us think we have to move as businessmen at big levels of competitiveness in the country,” he said.


He noted that the first edition of the Industrial Transformation Mexico Hannover Messe Fair, was interesting for the attendees when learning about the new developments in robotics, systems, internet of things and digitalization, situation that has to be seen not only as an inspirational event, but certain actions have to be taken and landed in the economic sectors of the country.


“We would like to take this to the action land and we have been searching within that innovation ecosystem, create alliances that empower resources in companies and direct them through the innovation and intrapreneurship route,” he referred.


In turn, Antonio Reus Montano, director of the Agrobioteg innovation park, noted that with this alliance both institutions will be strengthened to lower resources, help companies in technological transfer, as well as to create market analysis and forefront patents.


All this with the support of 120 mentors Agrobioteg has nationwide and abroad, which are experts in advanced communication, in management, work philosophy, global vision businesses, finances, business models, digital transformation, talent development, among others.


He detailed that having one of the Technology Transfer Offices (OTT, by its Spanish initials,) which is recognized by the Ministry of Economy and the CONACYT, the innovation park is known for having multisectoral strategies.


“With this firm, we formalized a series of actions we have already worked, without collaboration there is no innovation. We would like to strength the ecosystems and provide the businessmen with more tools for him to go forward, grow and generate more economic development,” he said.


Reus Montano noted that there are companies from both organisms that are working in implementing better, as well as local lowering resources, state and federal to continue developing their business.