Encouraging local supply development and the creation of human talent, continue to be one of the main objectives of the new Directive Board of the Automotive Cluster Guanajuato (CLAUGTO.)


The sworn-in was held during the sixth edition of the Automotive Supply Forum 2019, and the business organism announced that Rolando Alaniz will take position as president of the business organism.


Fidel Otake Harada, an honorary president, thanked businessmen and state government for the support provided during the six years he was in charge of CLAUGTO, cluster that continues with a new representative that will seek and implement strategies to face global challenges presented to the guild.


He noted that the automotive sector will currently face three main challenges which go from the integration of the supply chain with efficient processes, with high grade of accuracy and competitiveness, as well as cost reduction and the introduction of small and medium companies, which generate 81 % of jobs and contribute with 52 % of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP.)


Otake Narada detailed that it is important to generate a culture of innovation and technology, who range from products to manufacturing processes, besides encouraging young entrepreneurs. And the third challenge he underlined was talent development, which is an important factor that makes the difference for internal improvement of a company.


“Guanajuato has been successful for continuously training people and that has to continue being the strategic pillar. Training must be fundamental in all levels of the organization,” he noted.


Meanwhile, Rolando Alaniz, president of CLAUGTO, asserted that after 250 years of creating the first automobile, SMEs of that time like General Motors, Pirelli, and Siemens have understood the importance of ally with small companies, since they have the opportunity to innovate and transform the entire industry.


“Those that are big companies today planned products on their time and shaped the history of this sector, therefore they understand the need for SMEs can enter the industry so it can evolve,” he explained.


At the 6th edition of the Automotive Supply Forum participated 280 buyers and 300 exhibitors that covered an area of 9,000 m2 of stands, networking and business meetings.


Likewise, there was the presence of assemblers like Hyundai, KIA, and Nissan, as well as Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies. Besides an attendance record of 2,000 SMEs and about 12,000 visitors.


Directive Board

Rolando Alaniz, president (Grupo Leon)

Luis Huerta, vice-president (Hutchinson)

Paolo Benea, secretary (Pirelli)

Alfonso Morales, adviser (Hirotec)

Oscar Gonzalez, adviser (PEMSA)

Carlos Talamantes, adviser(Witzenmann)

Rogelio Basseto, adviser(Hutchinson)

Oscar Ramirez, adviser (Sumitomo Corporation)

Omar Rodriguez, adviser (Oshkosh)

Luis Diaz, adviser

Roberto Reyes, adviser(AAM)

Fermin Moreno, adviser(GKN)

Fidel Otake Harada, honorary president


Committees – Strategic Lines

Roberto Reyes, president Human Capital (AAM)

Paolo Benea, president Patrimonial security (Pirelli)

Luis Díaz, president Suppliers

Cristina Villasenor, president Purchase (Wurth Elektronik)

Salvador Pérez, president Innovation and technology (GKN)