The company NORD DRIVESYSTEMS still owned by the founder family, was born in Germany 53 years ago, growing little by little achieving to position as the second company worldwide in the manufacture of gears and geared motors; it is currently present in more than 89 countries and has manufacture and assembly plants in 36 of them.  With technology and quality completely innovative NORD is continuously introducing new processes and products seeking to adapt to its users applications, which translates in the success reached in the last years.


NORD started operations worldwide in 1965, at the city of Bargteheide, Germany; in 1979 the United States subsidiary was founded under the name of Nord Gear Corporation, In Mexico NORD started to be directly present in 2003 through a representative, three years after it achieved to legally establish in Mexico and the company NORD DRIVE SYSTEMS, S.A. de C.V. was born, which was originally managed as a sales office importing all its products from the U.S., it was until 2010 when the first warehouse was opened in Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon, starting operations as distribution center; in 2015 the decision was made of moving the headquarters to Queretaro transforming it in an assembly center.


NORD DRIVE SYSTEMS, S.A. de C.V., was constituted as a subsidiary of the American division and has 2,000 m2 among offices, assembly area and storage, “we consider that we have an strategic location to serve the Mexican market, we are tied through a SAP system with our headquarters in Germany and to other NORD subsidiaries around the world, nowadays the company employs 4,000 workers,” said the managing director of NORD Mexico.


NORD manufactures power transmissions for industrial use, as well as speed controllers, “our product is used in all kind of industry, from the smallest as pharmaceutical or food to the heaviest such as mining, cement and steel company, in which we are present in mill applications, cranes, raw materials transporters, among others; since the use of transmissions is present in all industries,” said Mauricio Callejas.


The current production is limited to four product lines, which are addressed 100 % to the national market, being indirectly exported since some of its customers, manufacturers of original equipment export their product outside of Mexico to the U.S., Europe and Asia; due to Nord is present worldwide it provides its customers with advantages to their customers, since when importing their products they have the certainty of having the support they require.

“Our main objective is identifying the customer’s need, either it is a final manufacturer or of original equipment, later we continued with the negotiation and evaluation process of the project, every requirement is managed through SAP system, which is in charge of the materials requirements to finally assign the production plant according to the product; what for others is something special, for NORD is only a standard operation, situation that definitively give us a plus that we make available to our users and customers,” said Mauricio Callejas.


It is worth mentioning that the company has European certifications, American, Canadian, Brazilian and Asian such as the UL, CSA and ATEX, to mention a few.  Currently, NORD is in planning process for the opening a fifth assembly line, which is expected to start operations next year.