With an investment of 80 million dollars, Interceramic, leader in design and commercialization of floors and ceramic tiles opened its 10th plant in the municipality of San Luis de la Paz, Guanajuato.


This plant is the first one outside the state of Chihuahua, with which is sought to increase the current ceramic production to optimize its distribution in Mexico and the world.


Regarding this, Victor Almeida, president of the council and general director of Interceramic, mentioned that this new plant has as priority to improve the variety of materials in the central part of the country, realizing the capacity of plants in Northern Mexico, while the company will keep its exports towards the United States and Canada.


“Guanajuato is a great example of the economic development model that the country needs, it has been growth leader and that reflects with the generation of 300 thousand jobs this six years period,” he said.


This plant started operations in February 2018, with a production capability of 8.4 million meters per year on its first stage.  It has the peculiarity of having 20 % more than the rest of the plants installed in Chihuahua and will generate 140 direct jobs.


“The project includes the infrastructure to triplicate the current capability of production in a second and third phase; we have the highest technology and compete with the best brands in the market within the construction branch.”


Currently, Interceramic globally has a production capability of more than 54 million square meters per year on its 10 plants located in five industrial complexes: three in Chihuahua, Mexico and one more in Garland, Texas.



Rosario Almeida, director of public relations of Interceramic, said the Chihuahua company is planning to expand in Guanajuato, as it has the capacity of growing twice its size.


“Right now we have two furnaces, but we have the capability for six in the same place, we are pleased of working with people from Guanajuato, who had to move to Chihuahua to be trained, before the settlement, as we have completely automated systems,” she explained.


Miguel Marquez Marquez, governor of the state of Guanajuato, announced that this new plant will become a trigger for the social and economic development of the families in the Northwestern area of Guanajuato.


“I am thankful for the confidence companies as Interceramic has had; it comes to encourage the best plant worldwide in Guanajuato.  Thank you because they are coming to make history, a partway in the life of this area,” he noted.


At the event, the Visits Center was supervised to serve customers and the Training Center for professionals in placement and installation of the products Interceramic markets in the country.


Interceramic in Chihuahua works with the Foundation Vida Digna A.C. in supporting children from the Tarahumara Mountains, as well as more than 100 organizations.