This is the 8th automotive factory for Honda in North America


The first Stone of Honda Transmission plant construction was placed in October 2015, and it is settled in Celaya, Guanajuato; 1,063 people work there from which 40 percent are women and has an area of more than 65,000 square meters.

The plant produces 1500 transmissions per day while its annual capability is of 300,000 units.


The construction of the Transmissions Plant began in 2013 with an investment of 470 million dollars and has become a fundamental piece of Honda operations in Mexico.


It supplies CVT type transmissions for vehicles manufactured in Mexico, it exports to plants located in the United States and Canada.  This plant is the 8th automotive factory for Honda in North America.  In 2014 started the production of Fit model and months later the export to the United States and Canada.  Afterwards, as production increased it also integrated the manufacturing of the HR-V model, which are exported to Europe, they also produced transmissions for CVR models and for Honda Civic.


With this Honda production in Mexico has taken leadership within the industry in the country as they have four plants settled in Mexico and its importance is fundamental for the economic development of their regions.




Kazuhiro Takisawa, recently named new president of Honda de Mexico, explained that on March 20th was achieved the production of 1 million transmissions produced in Mexico, which means an achievement for the company nationally and globally, but also for the automotive industry in Mexico.


“This important achievement has been given after almost four years of started massive production in our transmissions plant in Celaya, all and each person working here has contributed with their dedication and daily commitment in order to be celebrating today,” he said.


He noted that production fulfilled in Celaya remains for local market, nevertheless, they are analyzing the possibility of expanding the export market and although they did not announce precise data about those actions as part of the changes on product exports and imports during the celebration, mainly to the United States and Canada; emphasized that the production done in Celaya plant, is assured for its commercialization in and outside Mexico.


“For Honda de Mexico is a great pride achieving another important turning point in our global operations, since we have a very good acceptance of products manufactured in our plant which fulfill all quality and engineering standards established by Honda for its global operations,” he noted.


In his message presented during the celebration event, he thanked all transmissions plant associates in Celaya, for their effort and commitment in the manufacturing of this fundamental component, which has characterized for having a good performance, good management and reliance of many Honda vehicles.  “This shows once more the great quality of Mexican workforce which we are very proud to train continuously,” he added.


There are currently two types of CVT transmissions at the plant, one used on displacement engines of 1.5 liters and which is installed on Fit and HR-V models, and another one for higher displacement engines which is currently used for Civic with 2.0 engines.


“Honda confirms its commitment with Mexico by turning it in key piece of its global production, with the confidence of that its workforce quality and final products exceed brand expectations,” said Kazuhiro Takisawa.


Likewise, Jesus Baez vice-president of production at Honda Celaya said during the ceremony that reaching one million of transmissions production means a landmark for Honda de Mexico strengthening the existing relationship between Mexicans and Japanese. 


“We have an internal learning strategy that help us to understand each process, share our experience and use those associates that have more than 20 years working for Honda de Mexico.  Many of these are experts from Guadalajara and many of them moved to Celaya to share their knowledge with new associates,” he said.




Hiroki Kanaya, executive vice-president of Honda de Mexico, said that due to the relationships with neighboring countries and looking at the Mexican market in a short and long term they have growing expectations, as according to demand increase they will observe an increase in production on a particular period.


“Today I would like to thank the more than seven thousand eight hundred associates of Honda de Mexico, those approximate 11,650 indirect jobs in our distributors and suppliers network in the country, to all our customers that have trusted our products, and of course to all authorities,” he added.


Likely, the company confirmed their commitment of continue collaborating with Mexico’s growth and detailed that the manufacturing complex in Celaya, Guanajuato, has the capability of up to 200 thousand units per year, in addition of the manufacturing of engines, CVT transmissions and auto-parts, which are exported to different countries around the world.


Honda foray in automobiles’ market in Mexico with Honda Accord ’96 sedan, the first model commercialized in the country through only five distributors and assembled at El Salto, Jalisco plant in three versions for the Mexican market.


Currently the brand has 124 distributors, Honda and 13 Acura distributors, which cover the national territory and commercialize 12 models with 29 versions of Honda vehicles, and five models with nine versions of Acura vehicles.



·         Start of operations: July 2015

·         Initial investment: 470 million dollars

·         Extension: 65,000 square meters

·         Annual capacity: 300 thousand units and 1500 transmissions per day

·         Number of employees: 1,063 people, 40% are women

·         It is the third Honda in North America

·         Provides CVT transmissions in two types: one for 1.5-liter displacement engines for Fit and HR-V and one for 2.0-liter displacement engines for Civic.