Founded in 1883 as Hope Webbing in North America, in Mexico Hope Global acquires this name when businessmen acquired it again to fulfill processes like cutting, sewing, and assembly, seats integration systems, knitting, and wiring; as well as molding through foam and plastic injection for the automotive sector.

Arturo Hernandez, director of the Hope Global Mexico plant, located in Leon, Guanajuato; announced that in 2014 they started operations in their new facilities, currently, they have two industrial buildings functioning and one more is being built as part of its growth projects.

“The first expansion took place in 2017 by building the second industrial building, as of that year the plant has grown considerably, initially in its first space of manufacturing was 200 people, we currently have more than 1,000 and anticipate to duplicate the number of workers in the next five years,” he noted.

The plant has an extension of 300 thousand square feet, with an extra space to build the third industrial building.

Hope Global incurred as global company in the automotive sector in 2004, in the plant in Leon a higher volume of sales is manufactured for the entire company and the products manufactured are mostly for the automotive sector, especially in some parts of the automobile interior, such as: consoles, armrests, door and dashboard components and roller blinds.

The company is composed by a vertical integration on each one of its processes and production lines, he explained that, for example, the manufacturing line of armrest is done through plastic injection for substrates formation, later it goes under a foaming process and finally the manual assembly that also fulfills the coating, which can be of leather or vinyl, depending of customers’ requirements.

“In this plant, we have the entire technology to make these processes the most accurate possible, as we are in continuous improvement through Lean Manufacturing which is the key for all our products to be of the highest quality,” he referred. 

Hope Global has different certifications like ISO TS 6949, accreditations and certifications with ISO 14000, besides permits from the state government like Clean Company and Supplier Quality Excellence Award of General Motors, among others that referred to the participation of the company in the community, where they have been recognized by different social organizations in Leon, Guanajuato.

Its main customers are OEMs and Tier 3, like Summit in Silao and Mitchell Plastics in Coahuila; and for export customers like General Motors in Ashua, Canada. 




As part of the principles and values ruling company operations, Arturo Hernandez said that they are mainly focusing on collaborators and confidence, as of these principles and values the company assesses their personnel needs.

“Every day we struggle to keep our process agile inside the standards, in this company we achieve improving many aspects in little time, people are committed and is eager to learn and work,” he underlined.

This is how Hope Global has become a world manufacturer that employs more than 1,000 team members. Building prestige in high-quality products, components, and innovative manufacturing solutions, based on market demand and encouraged by excellence.