In the last 5 years growth has been important in the State of Guanajuato, as only in 2017 exports closed in 23 thousand 869 million dollars and if the last 5 years are analyzed the automotive and the agro-industrial sectors predominate, those are the ones that have had more boom, said Francisco Mendez, director of the Mexican Business Council of Foreign Trade, Investment and Technology (COMCE, by its Spanish initials) Bajio region.


He said that Guanajuato is showing an important upturn in exports of automotive parts as well as in assembled vehicles, in the agroindustrial sector important firms are arriving with projects that could upturn this industry, even, at the same time than the agroindustrial sector.


“Those are the most significant sectors in the last 5 years it has been really interesting, here in the State are upturning even those known as traditional sectors that naturally have little growth, but it is where it is visualized that there are opportunity areas in markets diversifications,” he said.


He added that exports nationwide are focused in an 84 % towards the United States and nationally at least 89 %; it is there were a considerable trend is observed regarding the exporters that are only addressing their goods or supplies to one market only.


“What today is required is to analyze diversification alternatives as not to depend only on a single market and before a downturn in the economy of only one market on which is economically dependent, it is necessary to readjust the product destination of SMEs and expand its exporting market.”




The diversification subject will be a challenge to beat not only for Guanajuato, but for the entire country, every time the Free Trade Agreement is under analysis, but it makes way to other markets; nevertheless, he said that the task must not stand there, but it must center in avoiding an economic crisis of the small and medium companies.


He reasserted that due to that in Guanajuato the balance of trade continues balancing to the automotive industry, it is necessary to work in local supply and in the requirements needed to export not only to the United States, but to Europe and Asia.


In the State from the total of export products, 70 % is of the automotive sector, and is visualized that in the next years it will continue increasing, therefore it is necessary to encourage the SMEs that have the characteristics to be added to this supply chain or either, to support those that have services and different products to the automotive sector.





After the announcement of the Toyota assembler being installed in Guanajuato, the investment and production of vehicles done and assembled in Mexico is complemented and reinforced, in addition that this causes the expansion of more companies of the sector, therefore Guanajuato could be a strong competitor to start exporting vehicles directly manufactured and assembled in that State.


“In the upcoming years we anticipate a good scenario for the export and Guanajuato is getting prepared for that, the automotive sector practically handles itself, it has its international production development plans, the issue is to turn around and see the SMEs,” he explained


He added that small companies require an increase in exports, as in a comparative in the Bajio area; Guanajuato has as an advantage the settlement of five assemblers, being the only State nationwide that has this kind of investments.


In addition, he explained that in the last five years has been achieved to concreate 204 investment projects with complementary companies, with an investment of 11 thousand 409 million dollars and the generation of a total of 73 thousand 263 jobs.